Stopping a data tape before it walks out the door… priceless!

Stopping a data tape before it walks out the door… priceless!

This summer we were challenged by a Fortune 100 company that uses tapes to back up customer data.  They needed a quick, cost-effective method for locating tapes as well as provide some assurance that tapes stayed in the data center… where they belong.   According to their estimates, an event as simple as a single misplaced data tape would cost well over $100,000.   Some at the company argue protecting the data tapes is actually priceless as the lost data is essentially unreplaceable.

While online backups, SAN replication, and affordability of backup-to-disk options are reducing the volumes of tapes purchased each year the reality is tapes are here to stay for many years to come and the regulations surrounding proper handling of data (especially as it relates to healthcare and financial data such as HIPAA & SOX) found at most midsized to large companies is enormous.   Before we move on, a couple key stats:

The cost of missing equipment and data…

  • –  A data tape can easily contain 5 million customer records per tape
  • –  A recent survey of 301 IT decision maker’s states that 42% state it could take a day or longer to find a server that had gone down
  • –  The cost to a corporation for just the remediation effort on a lost customer record falls between $72 and $193 per record…

By leveraging our Asset Vue Tracker Solution Suite, we were able to configure the desired solution and implement in multiple sites across the county extremely quickly, exceeding both their functionality and timing requirements.

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