[Podcast] Enabling a Connected World: Impinj’s Vision for RFID Technology (with Todd Farley)

[Podcast] Enabling a Connected World: Impinj’s Vision for RFID Technology (with Todd Farley)

Learn about the application of RFID technology in this podcast episode with Todd Farley, Senior Vice President, Global Sales at Impinj.

What is Impinj?

Impinj, a leading provider of RFID solutions headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is revolutionizing the way everyday items are connected to the digital world. With a focus on IoT (Internet of Things) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, Impinj manufactures semiconductors, reader chips, and readers to provide digital identities to a wide range of items.

Exploring RAIN RFID and its applications 

RAIN RFID, synonymous with ultra-high frequency RFID, is a passive technology that utilizes chips or semiconductors to hold data until they receive a signal from a reader. Unlike low-frequency (LF) and high-frequency (HF) RFID, RAIN RFID allows for a one-to-many relationship, making it ideal for applications such as asset tracking in data centers or inventory management in retail. With a read range of approximately 15 meters, RAIN RFID eliminates line-of-sight requirements and facilitates efficient and accurate tracking.

Industries Impinj serves 

Impinj primarily caters to the retail, supply chain, and logistics industries. Major retailers embed RFID chips in hang tags for soft goods, enabling effective inventory management. In supply chain and logistics, RFID technology is vital for tracking assets such as blade servers and trailers. 

However, the versatility of asset tracking through RFID extends to other industries such as manufacturing and food production, highlighting the technology’s wide applicability.

The power of partnerships 

Impinj’s partner program plays a crucial role in its go-to-market strategy. Todd emphasized that while Impinj specializes in RFID technology, partnerships allow them to leverage the expertise of companies in various domains. 

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Impinj’s future plans 

Impinj is focusing on enhancing performance, reducing costs, and ensuring user-friendliness. Impinj aims to push the boundaries of RFID technology, improve read ranges, and drive down costs while maintaining optimal performance. 

They also strive to simplify the adoption of RFID technology, making it as user-friendly as possible. Impinj values customer feedback and collaborates with partners worldwide to create meaningful and tailored solutions.

Key takeaways from this podcast 

Impinj’s commitment to providing digital identities to everyday items through RFID technology is paving the way for a connected world. With a focus on RAIN RFID, Impinj enables efficient asset tracking, inventory management, and problem-solving across industries. 

Their partner program and collaborative approach ensure that customers’ specific needs are addressed effectively. As Impinj continues to innovate and adapt, the future looks bright for both the company and its partners in driving progress and delivering valuable solutions.