Physical & Fixed Asset Management

There are many industries outside an office setting or a data center that have valuable and critical assets that need to be tracked and managed. A housing authority benefits from tracking large items like refrigerators across it’s units. Additionally they can use our software, Asset Vue Inventory (AVI) to track and manage the tools they use on the worksite. State election boards can also benefit from partnering with Asset Vue. AVI can track individual voting machines across the various locations within a voting precinct. If a machine becomes inoperable, the person at the precinct can change the state of the asset to decommissioned and that will be communicated to state election officials so they know in real-time what machines are down and where. Another non-office role with critical assets that would benefit from AVI are first responders. We can create a solution where you can scan your vehicle before it goes out into the community to ensure that the vehicle has all the critical equipment that it should have. This is important information to have that can save lives of first responders and those of the community.

Many of these industries will benefit from our mobile app, Asset Vue Mobile. In many of these scenarios, there is great convenience in using a mobile device. Asset Vue Mobile is connected to your Asset Vue Inventory account, so you can truly track and manage your critical asset anywhere at any time using the device of your choice.

This is where Asset Vue can help your business. Our Asset Vue Inventory (AVI) software can track and manage your critical hardware assets. Our software can manage both where the asset is assigned, and AVI can show you the state of the asset (for example if the asset state is “in inventory”, “in use”, or “decommissioned”).

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