Data Center Asset Tracking & Management

Custom solution with a rapid national roll out to provide better asset inventory tracking and security.

Have you thought about how your organization is protecting and managing assets? Data center asset tracking ensures that your organization stays on top of what you own and how you’re using it. With Asset Vue, companies can get quality data center inventory software that improves operations. Receive accurate feedback and improve the efficiency of your day-to-day operations with our DCIM software. Reach out to Asset Vue today and get the insight your organization needs to optimize your data center’s efficiency, utilization, and availability.

Why Companies Need Data Center Asset Management Software

Data center industries face plenty of challenges, and that has led to an increase in the importance of data center asset tracking. This process is important because it checks many boxes that data center locations face throughout the lifespan and day-to-day operation of their assets.

Data centers are critical locations with plenty of contingencies to avoid faults or failures. Data center asset management software ensures that assets have appropriate levels of protection for all of the challenges these locations face. The fact of the matter is that industries need data to operate, and interrupted data flows can halt any operation. Additionally, organizations must focus on ensuring reliable power and risk management.

With data center asset management software, our team provides the following benefits for your organization:

  • We help you collect data on the data you produce.
  • Our data center asset inventory software allows you to extend the life of your power assets.
  • We help your team monitor new assets and ensure they work effectively and efficiently.

Don’t neglect the importance of these benefits. Grow your organization like never before with data center inventory management software today!

The Challenge That Helped Create Our Data Center Inventory Software

vXchnge, a national colocation provider with data centers across the US, needed to know the location and status of their customers’ servers in real time. They were looking for real-time data center asset tracking and asset inventory management in all their data centers nationwide.

Providing real-time inventory status and asset tracking were additional services vXchnge’s customers had requested and would be a key differentiator for vXchnge among its competitors. But more than that, these services are necessary today for security and compliance purposes.

In addition to solving for an almost simultaneous national rollout, vXchnge also needed this solution to be deployed at a price point per unit or location that worked for their pricing structure and was in line with their competitive landscape and customers’ expectations.

Track IT Assets in Your Data Center with DCIM Software

The Asset Vue team has decades of combined experience managing data centers of all shapes and sizes. We understand the data center environment and the importance of reliability, scalability, and accuracy for any data center asset tracking and inventory management solution.

With our data center inventory software, we redefine the ease and simplicity of managing your data. Our software tracks and stores data, giving you real-time reporting and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and rules. But we know that it’s not enough to walk the walk. That’s why we come well-equipped with experience that proves our data center inventory management software can work for you.

Asset Vue partnered on this project with Impinj, a world-class leader in the manufacturer of RAIN RFID (radio-frequency identification devices). Our teams came together to develop a 100% custom suite of hardware, software, and processes to solve vXchnge’s unique inventory management challenge.

Learn More About How We Protect Assets

As a result of this partnership, vXchnge was able to offer a competitively priced asset tracking service to all its clients nationally. By working with Asset Vue’s deployment teams, the vXchnge teams on the ground could roll the new service out consistently across all locations according to the company’s desired time frame and within the required budget.

You can hear directly from the teams involved in this project about precisely what solutions were deployed and what the results looked like by watching a recording of a webinar with Gary Aron, Partner and co-founder at Asset Vue; Wendy Werblin, Director of Industry Solutions at Impinj; and Tom Banta, Senior VP Product Management & Development at vXchnge.

Find Out How Our Data Center Inventory Software Can Help Your Business

There are zero reasons for your data center to go another day without DCIM software. So team up with Asset Vue and get the data center asset management your organization needs. Our software ensures you track every asset, improving performance and quality throughout the institution.

See how our data center inventory management team can tailor a cost-effective solution to your organization’s unique challenges. Schedule a 30-minute software demonstration and consultation with our team! You’ll immediately experience comfort and security from our representatives and can also receive access to a free process evaluation. With so many offerings, it’s abundantly clear that our data center asset tracking team is here for you. Contact us today and re-invent the way your data center operates.