Hardware Asset Management

We recognize in our industry, people use different terms to mean similar things. Our use of the phrase hardware asset management solutions is specifically focused on technology hardware like laptops, desktops, printers, etc. We offer solutions for other assets within our ITAM solutions page and our fixed and physical asset management page.

Covid-19 certainly changed the way that business is done. Many roles that were done in an office setting are now being done from home. This has challenged organizations to keep track of company hardware that has left the office setting and is distributed in disparate locations.

This is where Asset Vue can help your business. Our Asset Vue Inventory (AVI) software can track and manage your critical hardware assets. Our software can manage both where the asset is assigned, and AVI can show you the state of the asset (for example if the asset state is “in inventory”, “in use”, or “decommissioned”).

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