Hardware Asset Management & Tracking Services

A well-run IT department is more than just the type of hardware or software you use. It’s also about tracking your assets and managing inventory in a way that protects and provides agility to adapt to new technological advancements. At Asset Vue, our hardware asset tracking solutions and services are designed to give you tools and procedures to track every hardware asset you own.

Our asset management hardware solutions specifically focus on technology hardware like laptops, desktops, printers, etc. These significant appliances power your facility and ensure your employees complete tasks far and wide. We want to ensure they are in good hands, and our expert team of hardware asset tracking professionals has designed a solution for all.

Reach out to the Asset Vue team for some of the best hardware asset management services available today. We’re on call and ready to help your organization thrive no matter what obstacles get thrown your way. Contact us and schedule a free IT hardware asset management demo today!

What is Hardware Asset Management?

IT hardware asset management is one of the most critical processes for any organization. This involves the tracking and inventorying of essential company hardware like laptops, computers, drives, servers, routers, and other physical devices. This helps control costs, prepare for audits, and keep your organization on top of all the requirements needed to ensure full functionality. With the right asset management hardware, you can reduce time spent ordering, deploying, and retiring hardware and spend more time on the things that make you money.

Benefits of Hardware Asset Management Services

The world is ever-changing, and with advancements in technology and other industries and the shifting dynamics of our work environments, companies have had to find ways to adjust to challenges they may not have had before.

COVID-19 certainly altered the way that businesses move and operate. Many roles traditionally completed in an office setting are now being done from home. This has challenged organizations to keep track of company hardware that has left the office setting and is distributed in disparate locations.

This is where Asset Vue can come in and help your business. Our Asset Vue Inventory (AVI) software can track and manage your critical hardware assets. Our IT hardware asset management software can manage both where the asset is assigned and the condition or state of the asset (for example, if the asset state is “in inventory,” “in use,” or “decommissioned”). With these capabilities, our hardware asset management services provide a host of benefits for your organization. These include:

  • Maintain security
  • Lower risk of audit interference on your organization’s operations.
  • Get a deeper understanding of your IT inventory for future planning.
  • Reduce loss and theft by keeping a close eye on the functionality of your assets.

Cut Costs with Hardware Asset Management Services From Asset Vue

Software management systems shouldn’t be your organization’s only form of protection. Software and hardware need each other, and you should pair your software management systems with asset management hardware from Asset Vue. We’ll provide clear and concise insight into your managed IT assets and up-to-date information to keep you on top of the game. With some of the most qualified industry experts and tools, there’s no need to look towards any other hardware asset tracking service for your organization.

Contact one of our special advisors today and schedule your free demo or process evaluation! Begin the process of acquiring the best hardware asset management services on the market and experience firsthand the care and expertise we display to our new clients.