Eliminate Manual IT Asset Audits & Improve Data Accuracy

University Improves Budget Reporting with Real Time Asset Tracking.

The Challenge

At a large public university in the North East, the data processing and IT management team had three key challenges to cope with:

  1. First, the department needed to more accurately track the lifecycle status of the assets they managed, as well as more accurately report the costs of services provided to other departments at the university so those costs could come out of the other departments’ budgets.

  2. Second, the department was also planning a major relocation of all data operations to a new facility, and needed tools to accurately audit and track every asset.

  3. And finally, any system to tackle all three of these challenges also needed to integrate with other in-house applications, such as help desk tickets, budget management systems, and other applications.

The Plan

The Asset Vue team team installed the Asset Vue Inventory software across IT operations for the university. Every asset that was either a) moving to the new facility and/or b) used by other departments was tagged with RAIN RFID tags so it could be accurately cataloged and tracked during the move. Information regarding the last service date, status of current service contracts, and warranty status of every asset was also logged on the tags, so it could be accessed by either hand-held readers on demand or by fixed-position readers whenever the assets were removed from their primary location.

Thanks to Asset Vue Inventory’s robust Integration features, the asset tracking system was able to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, including home-grown financial applications, simplifying the process of reporting labor and procurement costs back to the appropriate department budget.

The Results

Not only was a complicated move of hundreds of IT assets successfully and largely painlessly executed by the university IT team thanks to the real-time tracking visibility of Asset Vue Inventory, the university IT team was able to eliminate manual audits and free up hundreds of person-hours per year.

Furthermore, with asset location and status accessible in real time, the team was able to more accurately report back to other divisions the costs of their work and charge those other budgets accordingly.

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