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We are asset tracking experts in the data center industry. The company was founded over 10 years ago by data center practitioners to develop better asset tracking tools. Download this infographic to see the progression of Asset Vue since its founding.

Meet Asset Vue

Asset Vue creates innovative solutions for IT asset managers in the fields of IT, government, financial, educational, and more!

Using RFID technology, our ITAM solutions solve the challenge of maintaining asset and inventory information and continually keeping it up to date throughout the asset’s entire lifecycle.

Watch our introduction video to learn more.

Fully Automated Tracking Throughout Asset Lifecycle

Using a fully RFID automated solution using Asset Vue Inventory, you will always know the status and location of your assets. Our tracking can start before the equipment is received, and will update for each phase of the asset lifecycle until the asset is no longer in use. As your asset changes location and status, you can receive notifications of these changes. Asset Vue Inventory easily integrates with our programs, ensure consistent and accurate data across company departments.