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Quality IT asset management services shouldn’t be something you ignore. At Asset Vue, we take a comprehensive and collaborative approach to ensuring you have all the ITAM tools and solutions necessary. Our IT asset inventory management software provides a modern and unique way to track your most important assets and maximize the value gained from your property.

In our industry, people use different terms to mean different things. When referencing our ITAM asset management services or ITAM solutions, we’re specifically focused on the subset of options within DCIM solutions that give our clients the ability to track and manage assets within a data center. We offer solutions for other assets within our hardware and fixed and physical asset management pages.

There are many approaches to data center asset management. These range from plug-and-play software products to homegrown processes. We will build a tailored solution that fits your needs; whether you need new IT asset inventory management software products or a solution that integrates with your existing tools and processes, our IT asset management services are here to help. Schedule a free demo or speak to a trained advisor today for a more detailed look at how our ITAM manager can support your organization.

Benefits of ITAM Asset Management Solutions From Asset Vue

The importance of ITAM should never go unstated, but your company should look to more than just any other IAM manager. At Asset Vue, we differentiate ourselves from the crowd with the quality of our IT asset management system, as well as the many benefits listed below:

  • On-site expert deployment teams – Our teams are populated with some of the best industry leaders and alums on the market. We only search for the best because we know our clients deserve IT asset management services from the best in the business.
  • Installations Take Hours, Not Months – You want your ITAM manager now, not in a few months. Our inhalations only take a few hours, getting you from point A to point B without stress.
  • Responsible and Flexible – Another benefit to employing some of the best in the business? Our team knows how to handle anything that comes our way. We’re responsible and flexible and can solve any unexpected problems — if they actually occur.


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The Importance of ITAM Tools


Have you thought about the importance of ITAM? Without it, your organization will be steps behind others in the industry, and you can risk catastrophic failure that tanks all the progress you’ve made in the past.

An ITAM manager can save money in the short and long run, allowing you to make changes within your IT department without worry. ITAM tools can also positively impact workflow and productivity and ensure you follow regulatory compliance for your operations. Additionally, lacking a solid map of your IT assets and inventory leads to blind spots, leaving your organization unaware of any faults and failures. Secure your IT asset inventory management software from Asset Vue to protect your team and stay ahead of the competition.

itam solutions

What Separates Asset Vue From the Rest

In our decades of experience working in IT asset management – both as IT asset managers in the data center and corporate IT world and in the last ten years working with Asset Vue clients – our teams have seen it all. That’s how we know what will and won’t work when creating a high-quality IT asset management system and solving your specific ITAM asset management and inventory tracking challenges.

Asset Vue delivers more than an asset-tracking software product. We travel on-site for every deployment and work with your teams directly because we value ensuring our IT asset management services operate in the real world. We leverage the best teams in the business for a seamless turnkey implementation for organizations of all sizes. Your success is our success, and our goal is to have truly impactful ITAM solutions that meet your company’s needs.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to our team for ITAM asset management solutions today and schedule a free demo with our representatives!

What is ITAM?

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a type of business management that is directly connected to an organization’s IT infrastructure. It involves the process of identifying, discovering, procuring, managing, monitoring, and disposing of all the company-owned data, devices, and software elements present in an enterprise’s network. An ITAM tool ensures a centralized view of all the assets in the network along with software and hardware details and can help to make data-backed, strategic decisions about acquiring new assets. Additionally, IT Asset Management software can be used to manage software licenses, monitor changes in the inventory, and download customized reports with a click of a button.

Different levels of ITAM

1. Basic IT asset management

IT asset management is focused on collecting, analyzing, and leveraging data about your organization’s IT assets. It involves tracking the inventory of hardware and software assets and their associated costs, as well as other important data. 

IT asset management software allows organizations to keep up-to-date records of their IT assets in order to facilitate important decisions about how IT equipment is managed. This software includes features like an inventory tracking system that provides specific details and specifications for hardware and software assets, as well as cost, product number, SKU, date of purchase, and other data. IT asset management also includes other business practices that enable IT assets to be incorporated into various departments in the organization, including financial, inventory, contractual, and risk management.

2. Advanced IT asset management

Advanced IT asset management goes beyond asset tracking to provide organizations with a ‘big picture’ view of their IT assets and how they are being used. Advanced IT asset management integrates procurement and IT management into one dashboard, allowing organizations to accurately assess their current software, project their future needs, and budget correctly for turnover of IT inventory.

Advanced IT asset management solutions are typically enterprise-grade and provide an extensive range of features, such as inventory tracking, asset data tracking, financial data analysis, service-level agreement tracking, asset life cycle management, software license management, asset dispositions, and more.

3. Full lifecycle ITAM

The full lifecycle ITAM (Information Technology Asset Management) is an ongoing process which seeks to maximize the value and cost effectiveness of IT assets while managing risks and meeting regulatory and contractual requirements. It involves the strategic planning of assets needed, their intended use, how to acquire them, their installation, integration and user access, maintenance, upgrades and repairs, and eventual retirement and disposal.

4. Highly advanced ITAM

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a centralized approach to managing IT systems and assets. It helps organizations to maximize the value of their assets while controlling costs and mitigating risks. ITAM software automates inventory updates, maps assets and their relationships, and streamlines contract renewals. It also helps to optimize asset performance, maintain a healthy inventory, and manage the IT budget.

5. Customized ITAM solutions

Customized ITAM solutions are IT asset and configuration management strategies tailored to the specific needs of an organization. They are designed to help optimize the value and performance of each IT asset in a company’s inventory, while also mitigating security risks and reducing downtime. ITAM solutions provide automated tracking of assets to help organizations understand the benefits of each asset and identify where devices are not performing as intended. Additionally, they can help organizations optimize their IT budget by understanding the cost-benefit ratio of different IT purchases and avoiding unnecessary expenditures. 

What type of data can be tracked using ITAM?

ITAM can track a variety of data including financial, contractual, and inventory data. Financial data includes purchase order #, vendor name, quantity, make and model, purchase price, depreciation, cost center, and other financial attributes related to an asset. Contractual data includes version number, license entitlement, license type, vendor SKU, training days, service levels, maintenance and other important contract facts. Inventory data includes serial numbers, location, manufacturer, model, purchase date, warranty expiration date, and asset status.

Asset Vue By the Numbers



Asset Vue expert teams can get any data center up and running on Asset Vue Inventory software in less than a week.



A recent project for multi-national cloud computing company was up and running in less than two months.



A global financial company had all of its data centers using Asset Vue tools by the end of the quarter, and was able to reap the benefits almost immediately.



It takes most users just under one hour to be fully trained on Asset Vue software application.

ITAM Services and Tools — Schedule a Free free demo! ​

Every organization is different. Some may need to map out a complicated set of dependencies across their entire organization. Others might need to compile a list of compliance documents, licenses, and other valuable information that ensures that they can continue serving clients. The similarities between the information you and other organizations want to protect may vary completely, but it still matters that you have the goal of protecting and preserving this info. The best way to do so is by turning to the IT asset management services offered by Asset Vue.

Each day you go without a quality ITAM system watching your back is another day you take an unnecessary risk with your prized company. Companies are always at risk of being penetrated by individuals in the outside world, but our ITAM solutions provide the peace of mind every business deserves. One call is all it takes for quality ITAM tools and services, so contact Asset Vue today.