RFID ITAM Solutions

When looking for more automation or real-time information on your assets, you need an RFID IT asset management (ITAM) solution. The RFID asset tracking software will enable you to monitor each piece of equipment and related information, such as where the device should be and if it’s secure, up-to-date, and operating efficiently. Our turnkey RFID ITAM solutions give you immediate access to this data online or through our mobile app. With this technology, you can prevent inventory inefficiencies and lost equipment and enable you to track company assets across employees. 

Asset Vue offers RFID ITAM solutions.

Maintain Organized Assets With RFID Asset Tracking Software

RFID technology is ideal for automating the physical inventory process, but it can also be used to track and manage IT assets instantaneously. Our real-time asset tracking solutions can be used to monitor assets at the location and room level. For data centers, we provide even more granular details, including tracking assets at the row level and even further down to specific racks.

Our Real-Time Asset Tracking Solutions

RFID provides the opportunity to ditch the old system of tracking assets with pen and paper or spreadsheets. Instead, directors and managers can receive asset information in real-time with passive RFID solutions. Asset Vue offers a host of IT asset management solutions using RFID technology that is ideal for an array of physical equipment, including:

  • Hard Drives
  • Servers
  • Network Equipment
  • Desktops
  • Monitors
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Phones
  • Printers

Two of our top-rated solutions include the Real-Time Rack and Smart Cabinet. You may know of the challenge of reading RFID tags within metal enclosures. Our innovative Real-Time Rack solution reads passive RFID tags within metal racks and lets you know where an asset is located down to the rack level.

When you have disc drives in the decommission stage but have yet to be destroyed, it’s essential to track these assets and ensure that critical information from these assets hasn’t been improperly moved. We have a product that solves this challenge. Our Smart Cabinet provides real-time tracking of SSDs and other offline media with the use of RFID ITAM solutions.

No matter the solution you choose, you can expect to experience a faster and more accurate asset management process.

Industries That Could Benefit From RFID ITAM Solutions

  • Industries that are heavily regulated, such as government agencies, rely on RFID for asset auditing to stay in compliance.
  • Data center managers need to know which servers may be out of service but are still using power — also known as “ghost servers.”
  • Finance departments benefit from knowing where IT assets are located as it impacts depreciation costs and use taxes. In fact, we saved over a million dollars for a client in their first year of using Asset Vue Inventory through proper depreciation and identifying location for use taxes.
  • University IT departments can benefit from using RFID for real-time asset tracking to track the lifecycle status of organization assets.
  • First-responders can use our software to maintain real-time reports of the inventory in their vehicles.

Benefits of Automated Asset Management 

Using RFID ITAM solutions to automate your operations has many benefits:

  • Preserves Employees’ Time: Automating operations creates efficiency by removing manual steps of asset tracking and management.
  • Guarantees Accurate Data: Integrations with other departments automate information sharing, creating efficiency and greater accuracy, and ensuring consistent data is shared throughout the organization.
  • Allows for Asset Lifecycle Management: We can build you a fully automated solution for the entire lifecycle of your IT assets. We can tag your assets when they are with the vendor and track your assets in Asset Vue Inventory (AVI) through all stages, including the decommission stage.
  • Provides Automatic Alerts: AVI can send you alerts as your IT assets change status and location.
  • Enables Asset Auditing: For accounting and regulatory purposes, some organizations rely on RFID for asset auditing. This technology enhances the auditing process and prevents personnel from having to crawl under desks or reach behind heavy equipment to track down barcodes or serial numbers.

The Power of Passive RFID Solutions 

There are two types of RFID tags; active RFID and passive RFID. The main difference is that active RFID tags are always-on because they are battery-powered, while passive RFID tags are manually activated. With that said, you can get passive RFID tags through Asset Vue at a lower price point that significantly rivals the performance of active tags.

With our passive RFID ITAM solutions, you can monitor assets in your building without having to interact with them physically. Our innovations have improved the capabilities of passive RFID and made passive RFID solutions more cost-effective for our clients.



Learn More About Our Better Way to Track Assets

Don’t waste time with outdated systems for monitoring and organizing assets. Instead, implement RFID for real-time asset tracking. Our RFID ITAM solutions save time and provide more accurate inventory counts. Get in touch with our team for more information about our RFID solutions or barcode ITAM solutions.