Excel for Inventory Management: Tips, Best Practices, Pros and Cons

Table of Contents Managing inventory is a critical task for businesses of all sizes, and the choice of tools and software to handle this function can greatly impact efficiency and accuracy. While Microsoft Excel has long been a popular choice for inventory management, it comes with its share of disadvantages that businesses must consider. In […]

The [Best] Enterprise Asset Inventory Management Software of 2023

Table of Contents Enterprise Asset Inventory Management (EAIM) is the process of tracking, monitoring, and managing an organization’s physical and digital assets throughout their lifecycle. This includes everything from physical assets like machinery, equipment, and vehicles to digital assets like software licenses, intellectual property, and data. Enterprise Asset Inventory Management (EAIM) helps organizations optimize asset […]

RFID Inventory Management: How It Works, Benefits and How to Use It

RFID Readers and Antennas

Table of Contents Understanding RFID Technology RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This tech involves radio waves to read, capture, and even track data stored on a tag hitched to an object. At its core, RFID systems use electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. These tags contain electronically stored information, […]

The Cost of RFID Tags System

Barcode labels

Table of Contents What is RFID? RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, a wireless technology that uses radio frequency waves to transfer data and identify objects, animals, or humans. An RFID system has an RFID reader, RFID tags, and antennas. RFID tags are attached to assets and transmit information wirelessly to RFID readers, which can […]

RFID Technology: Everything you need to know about RFID Tags for Inventory Management

Table of Contents What is RFID technology? Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is a wireless communication system that uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track objects. RFID technology is used in inventory management to track and manage assets efficiently, accurately, and securely. RFID systems consist of two main parts: tags and readers. The tag stores […]

Construction and Operations of Enterprise Data Centers (with Kevin Monahan)

Learn about the evolution of the construction of enterprise data centers in this podcast episode with Kevin Monahan, Director of Regional Operations at West Meta. The early days of data centers Kevin’s journey in data centers started in the late 1990s, during the dawn of the internet era. At the time, data centers were not […]

Washable RFID Clothing Tags: A Step by Step Guide for Garment Inventory

Table of Contents What are RFID clothing tags? RFID clothing tags are small, washable tags that are embedded into clothing to track and manage inventory. They are encased in protective plastic and can be sewn into garments or attached to a hangtag. RFID tags are available in both HF and UHF frequencies and have a […]

The [Best] Fixed Asset Inventory Management Software of 2023

Table of Contents What is fixed asset inventory management? Fixed asset inventory management is the process of tracking and managing a company’s physical assets throughout their entire lifecycle, from procurement to disposal. A comprehensive understanding of assets like equipment, machinery, IT assets can help businesses make informed decisions, reduce redundancies, lower storage costs, and eliminate […]