RFID Smart Storage Cabinet

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RFID Cabinets

The amount of data businesses manage is constantly increasing, resulting in overwhelming quantities of new and legacy data. Despite this spike in growth, companies face growing retention and compliance regulations that require them to keep this data accessible. With the challenging task of storing and securing offline media devices containing essential data, finding a solution that tracks your storage area network and adheres to regulatory requirements is a must.

How can IT leaders guarantee data protection and accessibility? Try implementing offline media storage solutions from Asset Vue. Our RFID Smart Cabinet enhances the security and recoverability of vital data by making offline digital media accessible whenever and wherever it’s needed. With our RFID ITAM solutions, you can rest easy knowing exactly where your offline hard drives are located and their condition.

Secure your offline media storage cabinets from Asset Vue. With RFID protection, your assets stay in one location and are secured from anyone that shouldn’t have access. With our teams’ commitment to your safety and security, you can rest assured knowing that our inventory management cabinets can protect your company year-round.

What Is an RFID Cabinet?

An RFID smart cabinet is a custom-made storage unit designed with RFID protection and used to store physical assets you don’t want in the hands of other individuals. RFID provides constant visibility to your assets and alerts your organization to any changes in the data.

When securing and tracking your offline hard drives, you need a simple offline media storage solution that keeps your assets safe without complicating your inventory management software. Our Smart Cabinet combines secured storage for decommissioned hard drives with an innovative RFID-enabled solution that will read your assets, even within metal enclosures. Reach out to Asset Vue and secure your RFID cabinet today.

Inventory Control Cabinets Offer You Peace-Of-Mind Storage

The Smart Cabinet is a customizable multi-drawer, heavy-duty metal cabinet with protective foam padding to prevent impact damage. With this removable media storage solution, you can feel confident knowing your information is protected while you focus on other vital IT tasks.

Our offline media storage cabinets include our innovative RFID-enabled technology that scans within metal containers so that you can locate your stored disk drives in real time, anytime. If a cyberattack or data loss occurs, you can use RFID technology to find backup tapes, recover data, and reduce downtime. Additionally, RFID readers can track and log when items are retrieved from the inventory management cabinets and even give insight into which individual took the item. As a result, you can hold everyone accountable for their actions, securing your data and ensuring the safety and security of your most valuable information.

RFID Cabinets
RFID Cabinets

Technology Storage Cabinet: The Importance of Removable Media Storage

We live in a data-driven society, which means it’s more crucial than ever to preserve essential files for years to come securely. Organizations in various industries could benefit from utilizing our offline media storage cabinets because they keep decommissioned hard drives in one convenient location and allow for easy access.

IT departments should also consider implementing cabinet tracking to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Secure Storage of Disk Drives: Our metal RFID cabinet with protective foam inserts keeps your decommissioned hard drives protected at all times — whether in storage or transport. Our removable data storage cabinet protects powered-down hard drives from data degradation.
  • Easy Management of Offline Assets: With one simple scan, you can access all the information located in your RFID cabinet.
  • Quick Inventory of Data: Our RFID smart cabinet allows you to connect with the Asset Vue Inventory software to quickly locate your offline assets during a cyberattack, data loss event, or disaster.

Best of all, our cabinet tracking systems aren’t reserved for specific industries or locations. No matter what you manufacture, track, create, or distribute, our RFID smart cabinet can provide the best combination of safety and security for all your needs. Don’t settle for less. Reach out to Asset Vue today and enjoy the benefits associated with our smart cabinets.

What are the benefits of implementing an RFID smart cabinet?

  1. Improved Inventory Management
  2. Reduced Time and Costs of Stock Taking
  3. Increased Accuracy and Coverage of Stock Inventory
  4. Ease of Access and Use
  5. Increased Convenience for Employees
  6. Improved Security and Protection Against Theft
  7. Improved Visibility and Traceability of Goods
  8. Increased Efficiency of Supply Chain and Distribution Processes
  9. Improved Product Relevance and Compliance with Standards

What can be stored in RFID smart cabinets?

  1. Memory cards and servers
  2. Media
  3. Medicines and medical supplies
  4. Pharmaceuticals
  5. Artwork
  6. Jewelry
  7. Keys
  8. Casino chips

What advantages does RFID Smart Storage Cabinets offer?

  • RFID Smart Storage Cabinets eliminate the need for additional personnel to manage keys, reducing costs and chances of human error.
  • The access process is user-friendly, and users can carry access cards as ID badges, wallets, or wristbands.
  • The system is scalable, and additional storage space can be added without disrupting the entire system.
  • RFID technology is reliable, secure, and cost-effective compared to biometric scanners.
  • RFID tags do not require electricity and are easy to manage and carry.
  • These cabinets are modular, aesthetically adaptable, and can fit ergonomically into any space.
  • RFID storage cabinets are extensively used in healthcare facilities, pharmacies, military, education, and several other sectors for automated inventory and self-service storage.
  • RFID storage cabinets are self-operated and eliminate the need for additional personnel to manage and record keys, which reduces costs and eliminates human error.

Protect Your Storage Area Network With Secure Offline Data Storage

In today’s world, the importance of covering the bases is a must, and that applies to your software and hardware units. Our inventory management cabinets allow you to store your offline media in one location, ensuring security, safety, and efficient production for your organization. Don’t neglect the importance of protecting your storage area network with an RFID smart cabinet from Asset Vue!

For an innovative solution for your offline media, schedule a call with our representatives. You’ll immediately experience the benefits of our industry knowledge and experts, and our cabinet tracking will bring you one step closer to the type of organization you want to be. Contact Asset Vue today!

Track Your Offline Media Assets With Smart Cabinet

With our innovative offline media storage cabinet, you can track offline media, including SSDs, with ease. If you have hardware devices currently in use, you can manage these assets with our RFID and barcode ITAM solutions. For custom solutions built by industry experts, contact Asset Vue today.