Barcode Tracking System

As a data center manager, IT director, or professional in charge of managing company assets, you have a ton of responsibility. This task can often be challenging, considering all the laptops, tablets, monitors, printers, hard drives, and other ITAM equipment constantly churning throughout an organization. An inventory count is your best way to manage assets, but manual counts can be laborious, time-consuming, and lower your company’s productivity. Data center asset management software is a great solution to this problem as it automates inventory tracking and provides real-time data on IT assets.

Instead of spending valuable time on these manual inventories, utilize Asset Vue’s barcode physical asset tracking systems to keep up with your assets — whether in use or decommissioned. Don’t waste time tracking down status, location, or owner details any longer. With our barcode tracking system for physical assets, you will have up-to-date information on your organization’s products and needs. Schedule a call today!

The Problem With Spreadsheets 

Despite rapid technological growth, many companies manage and track their IT assets with spreadsheets. However, despite the increasing number of assets per organization and the projected future demands, organizations still rely on old and outdated methods. Manual entry is prone to error; when multiple individuals contribute to a spreadsheet, different version histories can pose challenges in maintaining updated information and tracking down who is responsible for what.

For companies that want to take the first step past spreadsheets, we provide an industry-changing barcoding system for enterprise clients. Over the years, we have helped many companies graduate beyond spreadsheets by implementing customized barcode solutions for IT equipment that match their needs. These systems not only saved them time but also protected them from costly mistakes in inventory management.

If you want to remedy the issues that spreadsheets present, our barcode tracking system for physical assets might be right for you. For more information, schedule a call with one of Asset View’s representatives for insight into how our barcode system can help.

The Solution to Inventory Management: Barcode Physical Asset Tracking

A physical assets barcode system is a popular solution that won’t break the bank and improves on every aspect of using spreadsheets. It’s also an easy solution — just print barcodes, apply them to your assets, and manage your inventory from any location!

Where will this data be stored? Our core software, Asset Vue Inventory (AVI), is a cloud-based web application that becomes your central database to track and manage your assets. We built our RFID and barcode physical asset tracking solutions to be easy to use and unobtrusive to your current operations.

Whether you already have barcodes, need to get new ones, or need us to suggest a few options, AVI can handle it. The same thing is true for barcode scanners — whether you have existing scanners, need new ones, or prefer us to advise, our barcode tracking system for physical assets is built to easily handle either option. Plus, if you use our mobile app Asset Vue Mobile as your physical assets barcode system, the camera on your mobile device can be your barcode scanner, eliminating the need to invest in new scanners.

Our AVI is one of the best barcode solutions for IT equipment, but it doesn’t only have to just be for IT usage. If an asset is tagged with a barcode, we can track it, meaning you can use it for any industry. We’ve thought of it all, and all you have to do is rely on Asset Vue for your barcoding needs.

Key Features of Asset Management Barcode Software

Our ITAM tools like barcode tracking system for physical assets has the features you’d expect, such as checking in or out, adding new assets, and moving assets to separate locations. It also provides plenty of additional features, including the ability to provide the following:

  • Role-Based Security: This feature allows administrators to assign access levels for specific assets to specific users.
  • Attachment Capabilities: If you have P/Os or warranty information you need to include with the asset details, our barcoding system for enterprise clients allows attachments at the asset level.
  • Simple Integrations: You can expect our physical assets barcode system to seamlessly coordinate with your other operations management solutions. Integrations with other software like Helpdesk and Finance make the entire enterprise more efficient by providing consistent data.

A Barcode Asset Tracking Software That Grows With Your Business

A growing business needs assets that grow with it. Our cloud-based software Asset Vue Inventory scales as you grow and can handle as much data as you can throw its way. AVI handles both RFID and barcode solutions for IT equipment. It can even manage non-IT assets, meaning there’s plenty of space to achieve your growth goals without worrying about our physical assets barcode system failing. Asset Vue is the perfect solution for your data tracking needs, and our barcode solutions reinvent how you manage your team. 

The Benefits of a Barcode Tracking System for Physical Assets 

Tracking and managing IT assets is a crucial responsibility of IT leaders in a variety of industries. That’s why many organizations rely on our barcoding system for enterprise clients. By utilizing this technology, they avoid costly consequences of failing to monitor inventory of physical assets accurately and get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Faster and more accurate inventorying processes
  • Minimized investment in labor
  • Tracking where physical assets are and who is using them
  • Fewer lost assets and order surpluses
  • Collecting valuable data for auditing
  • Gaining information on the life expectancy of physical assets and their ROI
rfid and barcode asset management system

What are the benefits of using barcode scanning for asset tracking?

Using barcode scanning for asset tracking offers numerous benefits:

  • Keep an audit trail of who had an item for every time it was moved, providing immediate access to the asset location, or checking out-in equipment to certain individuals.
  • Track assets by barcode location, active/inactive status, serial and model number, and assign equipment categories.
  • Enable asset data field renaming and addition of new asset items in the field.
  • Schedule asset maintenance, schedule transfers to other locations, record notes for each asset, and print barcode labels and catalogs.
  • Access asset location and information anytime, anywhere, and on any device, which eliminates the need for manual data entry and saves time and resources.
  • Rapid audits and perform device deployments with barcode scanning, computer webcam, or mobile app.
  • Real-time asset register access allows staff to know the location and quantity of equipment available to them, which eliminates the need for manual audits of assets.
  • Using RFID for asset tracking makes the inventory audit process easy for the auditor, which verifies the ownership of the asset and saves thousands of dollars every year.
  • Tracking the depreciation of each device helps businesses forecast spending.

Use Our Barcode Physical Asset Tracking System to Organize Your Assets With Ease

Barcode tracking systems for physical assets are some of the oldest technologies available, and there’s a good reason why they’re still commonly used today. As some of the more effective and affordable methods of ensuring the safety of assets, these processes will always be around. But they can still be maximized for use with the technologies we have today, which is why Asset Vue prides itself on providing accurate and effective barcode physical asset tracking systems for all.

If you’re interested in a more innovative and time-saving system for managing your physical assets, contact our team today! Schedule a call for more insight into our system and how we plan on helping your organization grow to new heights.