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RFID Solutions

When you’re looking for more automation or real-time information of your assets, you’re now looking for a RFID IT asset management (ITAM) solution. There are two types of RFID tags, active RFID and passive RFID. The shorthand difference is that active RFID tags are always-on because they are battery powered, while passive RFID tags have to be activated. We at Asset Vue build passive RFID solutions our innovations have improved the capabilities of passive RFID and as passive RFID solutions are more cost effective for our clients. We have written a blog myth-busting the perceived capabilities gap between active and passive RFID.

Automated Asset Management

Using RFID to automate your operations has many benefits. Automating operations creates efficiency by removing manual steps of asset tracking and management. Additionally, integrations with other departments automates sharing of information which again creates efficiency, greater accuracy, and ensures consistent data is shared throughout the organization. Asset Vue can build you a fully automated solution for the entire lifecycle of your IT assets. We can tag your assets when they are with the vendor and track your assets in Asset Vue Inventory (AVI) through all stages including through the decommission stage. AVI can also send you alerts as your IT assets change status and location. We have short video showcasing what our fully automated solution can do for you.

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Benefits of Real-time Tracking

RFID also provides you the opportunity to receive asset information in real-time. Industries that are heavily regulated rely on accurate audits to stay in compliance. Data center managers need to know which servers may be out of service but may still be using power, a situation we call ghost servers. Finance departments benefit from knowing where IT assets are located as it impacts depreciation costs and can impact use taxes. In fact, we saved over a million dollars for a client in their first year of using Asset Vue Inventory through proper depreciation and identifying location for use taxes.

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Asset Vue’s Real-time RFID Solutions

Real-time asset tracking can be tracked at the location and room level. For data centers we have even more granular levels to track at the row level and even further down to specific racks. You may know of the challenge of reading RFID tags within metal enclosures; one of our innovations is our Real-time Rack solution that reads passive RFID tags within metal racks and lets you know where an asset is located down to the rack level. We have another product that solves this challenge. Our Smart Cabinet provides real-time tracking of SSD’s and other offline media. When you have disc drives that are in the decommission stage, but have yet to be destroyed, it’s important to track these assets and ensure that critical information from these assets haven’t improperly moved.

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Asset Vue, LLC is a Paoli, Pennsylvania-based provider of RFID-enabled asset management solutions. With decades of experience as data centers directors, Asset Vue’s leadership knows the features asset management departments need, and our solutions are built through the lens of “For IT professionals, by IT professionals”. Our technology and solutions solve the challenge of maintaining asset and inventory information, continually keeping it up to date, and doing so throughout the entire asset lifecycle. Asset Vue has worked across industries and executed for companies of all sizes including small and medium-sized businesses, colleges and universities, federal agencies and municipalities, and Fortune 100 companies across multiple continents. With easy integrations, quick training, and rapid implementations, Asset Vue can have you operational and realize positive ROI quickly.

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