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Asset Vue

Ensure Your Life Saving Equipment is There When You Need It

Save time inspecting vehicles with real-time tracking from Asset Vue

Why Your Team Needs Asset Tracking

Before going out into the community, you need the peace of mind that your vehicle has all of its required life-saving equipment. Manual inventory checks takes away precious time and can lead to human error. Asset Vue's tools and software provide you real-time status of the inventory in your vehicle.

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Who Benefits From Asset Tracking

First Responders

  • Save time inventorying vehicles

  • Reliability that critical equipment is with you when you need it

Inventory Managers

  • Inventory & location in real-time

  • Automate audit process for faster results, and easier reporting


  • Safer when properly equipped

  • Fiscally responsible with accurate inventory and audits

How it Works

We know your vehicles are on the road 20+ hours per day. It’s important to always know where your critical assets are. Asset Vue Quick Scan makes it as easy as...


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Added Benefits of Asset Vue’s Solution

  • US-based company

  • 10 year track record

  • Custom Integrations

  • Quick implementation

  • Easy training

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Ready to see what Asset Vue can do for you?

Asset Vue, LLC is a Paoli, Pennsylvania-based provider of RFID enabled asset management solutions. Using our experience with federal agencies, we have tailored our technology to develop solutions for local government to manage critical assets. Solutions include enabling first responders to manage vital protective equipment, and empowering voting commissions to manage the deployment and working condition of voting machines. Along with custom solutions, Asset Vue helps municipalities be more efficient when managing taxpayer-funded critical assets.

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  • Smart Cabinet
  • Mobile App
  • Real Time Rack
  • Real Time Location

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