Why Customers Choose Asset Vue

Why Customers Choose Asset Vue

Why do our customers choose Asset Vue for their products and services? We were curious as well, so we reached out to our customers and this is what they have to say. Here are some of the reasons we’ve been told we have been crucial to the business’ success.

Automate receiving process through decommission

One of the biggest ways our software and systems save our customers’ money and time is through automating the lifecycle management process. We have been able to automate the receipt of assets and tracking of those assets through their lifecycle, logging a tremendous amount of information on the asset and the overall organization along the way.

One of our hedge fund management clients was looking to answer questions like how long do assets sit in storage and where can they redeployed, if possible. We were able to work with them on a solution that automated lifecycle management, eliminated audits, and gave managers detailed asset information they had never had access to before right at their fingertips.

Check in/check out process

Our unique approach to leveraging RAIN RFID technology allows us to offer a simple check in/check out process for our clients to use as part of their consumer IT asset management system. This process assigns assets to staff and track asset disposition and other important information automatically.

A Fortune Global 500 professional services company we worked with leveraged this when their existing system grew too cumbersome to be effective. Their managers felt, but couldn’t prove, that office equipment was not being tracked effectively and information across the company was inconsistent. For example, anecdotally they knew old equipment was being replaced, but not retired, and equipment was borrowed by other departments and not returned. This was increasing costs across the board, but it was hard to pin any dollars to the problem and therefore hard to fix.

We integrated RAIN RFID tags with the existing check in/check out system, creating one central database of IT and office equipment assets and their status.


While our base application is the same for all of our customers, every organization we work with has the ability to customize our software for their specific needs. Customers leverage our tool for such things as:

  • tracking and reducing costs
  • accurately calculating taxes owed
  • managing device contracts
  • tracking and planning maintenance schedules
  • and automating asset lifecycle management

Often, we start a conversation with customers about tracking asset physical locations, and discover that our systems and software can help them in many other areas of their organization.

We have experience with all of this work, so we built our solution to accommodate the wide variety of challenges we know you face in the field. You can start with a base setup and add automation as needed by adding hardware and new processes, so our solution grows as your business needs dictate.


Part of the flexibility of our system comes from being designed to integrate easily and seamlessly. Our application can integrate with existing tools like HP Asset Manager/Svc Now, Remedy, JIRA, and many others via RestFul API.

One of our financial services clients was paying taxes based on where they purchased their IT assets, when those assets had actually been deployed out of state and therefore were not taxable assets under state law. In order to prove that and demonstrate it to the appropriate authorities, however, this company needed a foolproof audit trail of when assets were purchased, as well as when and where they were deployed and in use.

Our application was able to create such an audit record – and keep it up to date automatically – saving this client thousands of dollars every year.

Eliminate incremental audits while increasing accuracy

With our RFID solution, you will reduce the time spent auditing your assets by as much as 90%. Our real-time application means there is no need to perform manual, incremental audits at all. At the same time, our system increases the accuracy of your records since they can never be out of date, and don’t require manual auditing and therefore eliminate the chance for human error.

We worked with a huge federal government agency to reduce costs and improve accuracy by eliminating manual audits, giving every member of their asset management team the data they need in an instant.

Experienced Dependable staff

Our staff consists of mainly people who have spent a career responsible for technology and data centers throughout the industry. Whether you are dealing with the management team or the onsite staff, you are dealing with people who have extensive experience and want to help you with a total solution that a customer deserves.

We work with one of the largest social networking platforms on physical asset management in their offices nationally, and have been thrilled with our team on the ground working on their project, saying they are self motivated, work independently, are extremely knowledgeable and professional.