Why asset data integration is so Important

Why asset data integration is so Important

In today’s very busy word of IT Operations, many fundamental things don’t get done because there are never enough resources or time to do them.  Maintaining asset and inventories are often pushed off to allow the technical staff to focus on production needs. 

Audits often don’t happen and companies end up paying for it in many ways. Often equipment is forgotten after time and not decommissioned after it’s lifespan and they remain in place consuming power and generating heat adding to the utility bills. 

Validating contract information against active assets often does gets missed resulting in equipment falling out of warranty unbeknownst to the customer until there is a failure. These things and others like it cost corporations billions annually.

Having updated information and statuses of their assets enables customers to pull information from an active database and validate the disposition of the equipment and share information with other tools that need this information to function efficiently.

Integration with applications that require up to date asset information are common in today’s world and progressive companies are leveraging these tools to automate their process and increase the efficiency and accuracy of their inventory. These capabilities and more exist today in Asset Vue’s suite of applications.

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