What RFID Will Do for IT Asset Management

What RFID Will Do for IT Asset Management

John Consoli, executive vice-president with Asset Vue in Bristol, Pennsylvania, says primary trends include moving business offsite and creating “co-located” facilities, as well as integrating workflow tools with RFID in the office.

“The migration of assets from a corporate location into a co-location or rented location really has driven the need and enhanced the focus of where assets are moving to,” says Consoli. “One of the hottest trends is using RFID technology to manage migration…so …cloud computing and co-location data center(s), a lot of enterprise companies and (other) businesses have decided they do not need to be in the data center business. They’re moving into co-located facilities where the service provider owns and operates the data center.”

Handheld RFID Reader to find assets.

Using a handheld RFID reader to find IT assets requiring maintenance.

Another trend, melding workflow into RFID, means greater efficiency and accountability. Customers are taking the technology and marrying it with other “monitoring tools” in the data center,  Consoli says. “It’s really a trend toward integration, as opposed to, if you go back a couple years, customers evaluating [RFID] as a standalone technology.”

For example, “the leading product out there, Remedy, is a tool where help desks log problems into a data center and Remedy generates work tickets for the maintenance team to go in and fix things. Integrating RFID with a tool like Remedy has an impact on how long it takes the maintenance team to find things,” says Consoli. It’s used as a “swipe ticket” which cuts way back on wasted time, he says.

By Laurie Wiegler

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