What Are the Major Sectors Using RFID for Asset Management

What Are the Major Sectors Using RFID for Asset Management

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Finding a surefire system that can help you accurately track and manage your IT assets can help make your life infinitely easier. However, finding a system that works for your industry can prove challenging since your sector has unique obstacles you need to consider before you can implement your tracking system. If you have heard about RFID tracking but are unsure if your company can benefit from its implementation, knowing the top industries that have utilized the technology can help you make a decision. 

Here are some of the major sectors utilizing RFID for asset management and tracking their evolving needs:


No matter the healthcare company, keeping track of specific assets can become cumbersome if they are not handled properly. RFID tracking technology has helped various healthcare facilities better track their assets in the field, know where they’re at, and ensure they can provide the best care possible for their patients in need. 


No matter the higher education facility, there’s one thing they always have to remember: younger people have a habit of misplacing things and never remembering where they put them. When it comes to expensive hardware like computers, tablets, and more, having an accurate way of tracking these IT assets can help make your life easier in the long run. 

RFID technology in higher education can help teachers and faculty in charge of these assets keep track of when they were handed out, who checked them out, and when they can expect to see the technology returned. Using this information, they can track down who had it last and hold the parties accountable. They can also help cut down on potential overhead costs by tracking who has what assets and eliminating the need to replace lost devices. 


For the security industry, keeping track of their assets in the field can help ensure they maintain a level of protection for their operations and clients. They can stay on top of their laptops, cell phones, walkie-talkies, and other communication devices in real-time and know if there are any discrepancies in their data. They can have an easier time ensuring that whoever’s supposed to have a piece of equipment actually has it and make any necessary adjustments if that’s not the case. 

IT and Data Centers

In the IT industry, the most important aspect of their business is their assets in the field. Technicians have optimized company devices to help clients address their systems’ issues and provide prompt assistance. When a company loses track of its IT devices, more resources replace the lost technology instead of allocating those resources where you need them the most. A state-of-the-art RFID asset management system can help your IT and Data center in multiple ways. 

You’ll have a real-time tracking system in place to help you know exactly where your devices are, who last checked them out, and allow you to reduce loss and replacement costs. We ensure your team has everything they need to keep an accurate inventory and set them up for future success. 


Table with the list of industries using RFID for Asset Management

Sector Use Case
Tracking medical equipment, patient files, and medication inventory.
Managing tools, machinery, work-in-progress, and inventory control.
Logistics and Supply Chain
Tracking shipments, inventory, and managing warehouse operations.
Inventory management, theft prevention, and enhanced customer experience.
IT and Data Centers
Monitoring server racks, data center assets, and hardware tracking.
Tracking valuable equipment and resources across educational institutions.
Oil and Gas
Monitoring equipment maintenance, compliance, and asset tracking in remote locations.
Tracking tools, machinery, and ensuring compliance with equipment inspections.
Aerospace and Defense
Tracking aircraft parts, maintenance schedules, and ensuring safety and compliance.
Managing utility assets, monitoring infrastructure, and ensuring system reliability.

Why They Choose RFID Asset Management Systems

Keeping track of the IT assets with an analog system isn’t impossible, but it can give your team a fit trying to keep accurate records of everything. These assets can change hands multiple times, and without a precise way of keeping track of who last checked out a particular piece of equipment, it can lead to higher loss and replacement costs. An RFID tracking system, such as ones the Asset Vue team provides our customers, can help make your system much more efficient and reduce overhead costs. 

These RFID tracking systems require you to scan the barcode every time an asset gets checked, relaying real-time data on its current location, who has it, and much more essential data that can help make staying on top of asset collection a breeze.

With our system in place, countless clients have seen vast improvements to their asset tracking systems and watched as they significantly cut down on their replacement costs. While these three sectors have switched, our RFID tracking technology can be applied across various industries. 

Trust Asset Vue With Your RFID Tracking Systems

When you switch to a real-time RFID IT asset tracking system, you want a product with a proven track record of success from one of the most respected names in the industry. The Asset Vue team checks off both boxes and has helped countless clients revolutionize their asset-tracking technology and keep a more accurate inventory. Contact our team to learn more about our technology and how it can help your inventory efforts today!