The Value of Integrating IT Asset Management Throughout the Enterprise

The Value of Integrating IT Asset Management Throughout the Enterprise

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As an IT manager for a financial institution, school district, or large corporation, your role is to ensure that your organization’s technology systems are safe, secure, and running smoothly. If your IT assets aren’t being cataloged properly, keeping track of everything can become cumbersome and difficult. Finding an IT asset management solution that works with your company can help.

By integrating your IT asset management tools into the many software systems and hardware devices used throughout your organization, you give your organization the visibility it needs to make informed business decisions that keep operations running smoothly. You can save time trying to track down your devices, ensure you have access to the asset information you need, and keep your inventory management as streamlined as possible. 

Your asset management system software should empower your team to report on assets for inventory, compliance, and audits painlessly. Effective IT governance integrated throughout the enterprise helps ensure that these assets are adequately utilized, easily accessible, and effectively tracked in one place. IT asset management (ITAM) also establishes the synchronization and compliance of your IT assets, reducing risks, vulnerabilities, and loopholes in your IT infrastructure.

The Benefits of Software Integration Across Departments

Before you invest in an ITAM system, you want to see the range of benefits your organization can experience. Companies of every size have a need for a dedicated IT department working with every aspect of your business. 

Every department should have easy access to their IT services when they need them and have confidence that their needs are being met. Additionally, the IT department needs to have an accurate count of all the devices they service, where the devices are located and can provide all the necessary help when it’s needed. 

No matter the size of your IT department, having a focused, clear, and integrated approach to inventory, information validation, and efficiency will boost productivity, reduce human error, and minimize manual work. An integrated ITAM can also provide consistency of processes and IT governance across many departments. Some benefits of this type of integration include:

Internal IT Service Desk 

No matter your industry, your team requires a dedicated IT department to help whenever a technical issue arises. While some companies can afford to have an internal IT department on hand, some need to use a 3rd party tool to coordinate their IT needs. Keeping these incoming needs can prove troublesome if the incoming tickets and assets aren’t streamlined.

ITAM software coupled with an ITSM tool like Zendesk, ServiceNow, Jira, or any other web help desk tool allows the transfer of real-time information on your IT assets and services and ongoing operations. It also can provide the ability to receive notifications on the routine maintenance tasks of servers, renewal of software licenses, and IT hardware order requests, eliminating unplanned downtime and increasing efficiency.

Improved Customer Service 

By integrating your ITAM tool with ticketing software, you can ensure that you are providing excellent customer support and have automated processes in place to prioritize and resolve them accordingly. Extending customer care with up-to-date information and quick issue resolution helps keep your customers happy, and your organization reaches its business goals quicker.

More Comprehensive Accounting 

Having accurate accounting records remains crucial for running any organization. You can keep track of where your money is going regarding subscriptions, vendors, software, hardware, and more. If you don’t have a singular resource keeping track of these expenditures, it can become easy to miss something and have it fall through the cracks. 

Proper implementation of an ITAM solution helps you achieve total visibility into your IT asset landscape, including operations, vendor contracts, software subscriptions, and software and hardware expenditure.

Streamlined Human Resources 

Human resources departments have a lot of data to sift through on a daily basis. Trying to integrate new hires, provide support for the current team, and conduct interviews with potential candidates can become difficult without a structured organizational solution. 

When your IT Help Desk systems integrate HR platforms, your organization can easily handle all of that information. You empower your HR team to seamlessly set up new staff, coordinate changes in staff assignments, and maintain an accurate record of all assets when a staff member leaves the organization.

The Benefits of Hardware Integrations

With the recent transition to remote working environments, keeping accurate and consistent records of hardware’s location and lifecycle management is now more important than ever. An integrated IT asset management tool can provide your team with transparency in knowing where your assets are and ensure their security at all times in a distributed environment. The ultimate goal leads to a higher return on investment, cost-effectiveness, and efficient operations across your company.

The benefits of hardware integrations with your ITAM systems are numerous. Additional benefits of these integrations your company can experience include:

  • Locate assets throughout the enterprise
  • Eliminate the risk of “ghost servers” and “asset graveyards” that have the potential to cost your organization in wasted power consumption and excess budget
  • Consistency of information across enterprise applications
  • Ability to track and validate things such as contract expirations, hardware end of life, financial depreciation, and assets being underutilized

Proper implementation of an ITAM solution also helps you achieve complete visibility into your Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) performance, including temperature control, power utilization, and server capacity. Many DCIM discovery tools only provide information for the assets on your internal network. Still, a powerful ITAM platform, like Asset Vue Inventory, can track your asset’s location, even down to the room and rack level. Your stored inventory will never again be lost, and you will avoid unnecessary expenditures on equipment replacement.

The KPIs of ITAM Integration

IT assets remain a significant investment in any organization. You want to have the ability to track your devices and provide assistance when your team needs it. Integrating a comprehensive ITAM solution into your organization’s productivity tools and software enables you to ensure that your assets are accessed quickly, utilized appropriately, and inventoried effectively.

Asset Vue provides your team with access to accurate, cross-platform information that supports your IT governance protocols. Consistent naming conventions and categories and user-defined custom names and values for tracking asset status are examples of such features. In addition, your team will be able to quickly identify asset statuses via a color-coded identification system that anyone can use, regardless of their role.

Through our API, available at no additional charge to our Asset Vue customers, we create a custom plan for your organization that integrates with your unique combination of software and hardware tools, ensuring you can measure KPIs such as:

  • Streamlining the audit preparation process
  • Improving the accountability of resources and justifying future IT investments
  • Process performance
  • The improvement and deterioration of assets based on specified thresholds
  • Cross-team collaboration with consistent data

As ITAM practitioners, we love to solve your unique challenges. By providing your organization with a single centralized source of information, Asset Vue gives you the power to convert your IT data into valuable insights that serve as a foundation for future decision-making to help you reach your business goals faster. 

Feel free to schedule a call with us about your current needs and ask about our free process evaluation. We look forward to hearing from you!