Reasons You Need a Real-Time RFID Asset Tracking System

Reasons You Need a Real-Time RFID Asset Tracking System

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Explore how our Real-Time Rack solution can revolutionize your asset tracking.

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When businesses give their team members company equipment to perform their jobs, ten times out of ten, the company wants their equipment returned. Depending on the size of your organization, keeping track of a high number of assets like that can prove a daunting task for even the most organized department. As your company continues to grow, having an accurate inventory management system will help you scale your business properly and ensure you have the resources you need to accommodate your team. 

Finding a radio frequency identification (RFID) asset management system that is easy to implement into your existing infrastructure is important for keeping track of your wide range of technology. Asset Vue specializes in developing these types of solutions for our clients to keep track of their tagged assets so that they can have an accurate inventory of what they have on hand. Specifically, our Real-Time Rack System has helped countless clients with their unique tracking needs. 

But if you haven’t considered implementing a similar system in the past, we’re here to help show you the benefits of implementing one. You may have heard promises from other RFID asset management companies regarding tracking your materials. While those solutions may have missed the mark, we’re here to ensure you have an accurate inventory county. Here are some of the top reasons you need an RFID real-time asset tracking system for your organization. 

Reduce Your Total Costs

One of the biggest problems with losing track of your existing assets is replacing the missing inventory. Covering the cost of new computers, servers, and other pieces of hardware quickly adds up, and your bottom line can take a massive hit. With our Real-Time Rack’s passive RFID tags in place, you have a proven method of keeping up-to-date track of your assets in the field. 

Additionally, when these systems are implemented correctly, you can automate multiple parts of the tracking process and help reduce your labor costs. Instead of having a team trying to keep track of all the data in a decentralized system, the passive RFID system helps boost the visibility of your assets and cut down the time you have to physically monitor stock levels, supply chains, and more. 

Accurate Information on Where Everything Is At

Preventing loss and theft used to be a more involved and time-consuming process for businesses. Knowing who had what piece of hardware, when someone last took it out, and more could overwhelm unprepared employees charged with the bookkeeping. Keeping track of the who, when, and where of a particular asset is difficult on its own — it is exponentially more challenging with an organization full of assets. 

As more businesses rely on accurate asset management solutions to keep track of their issued hardware, having a program that keeps tabs on the critical data you need is more important than ever. The Real-Time Rack system helps you manage the following data points:

  • Last service, purchase, and deployment dates
  • When the service contract expires
  • Pertinent warranty information
  • Current location
  • Extensive historical data of who had it

Having this data in an easy-to-access format will help you address issues as they arise, locate assets quickly, and help cut down on replacement costs for lost and missing units. 

Improved ROI

If your asset tracking system gets implemented correctly, you can have something in place that can last a long time and prove a cost-efficient solution. As your newly implemented Real-Time Rack System keeps accurate records of your hardware, you’ll see a wealth of benefits. As your hardware gets handed out to your employees, knowing where everything stands helps drive down replacement costs, and you can reallocate the money you would have spent on replacements to where it’s needed most.


Need more reasons? Here is a list of 12 more:

Enhanced Asset Visibility: Real-time RFID tracking provides continuous visibility into the location, status, and condition of assets, helping organizations quickly locate and identify items.
Improved Asset Utilization: Real-time data enables organizations to optimize asset usage by preventing underutilization or over-procurement, resulting in cost savings.
Enhanced Security: RFID tracking enhances security by monitoring asset movements and triggering alerts for unauthorized access or asset removal.
Streamlined Inventory Management: Organizations can maintain accurate inventory levels, reducing stockouts and overstock situations, and facilitating timely reorder decisions.
Reduced Manual Labor: RFID automates data capture, reducing the need for manual, error-prone data entry and asset tracking tasks.
Increased Efficiency: Real-time tracking streamlines asset workflows, reducing the time spent searching for lost items or conducting manual audits.
Faster Audits and Compliance: Regular audits and compliance checks become faster and more accurate with real-time tracking, ensuring organizations meet regulatory requirements.
Preventing Loss and Theft: RFID helps prevent asset loss and theft by providing immediate notifications when items are moved without authorization.
Enhanced Maintenance: Organizations can schedule proactive maintenance based on asset data, extending asset lifecycles and reducing downtime.
Cost Savings: RFID-driven efficiency and accuracy lead to cost savings in labor, reduced asset shrinkage, and better resource allocation.
Customized Reporting: Real-time data facilitates customized reporting for performance analysis and data-driven decision-making.



As you continue to hand out company hardware to your employees to help them do their jobs, you want to ensure that you have an accurate inventory of everything at all times. Now that you know all the reasons you need an RFID tracking system, you need to find one with a proven record of delivering high-quality results. 

Asset Vue’s Real-Time Rack System has helped countless companies accurately update their inventories and ensure they aren’t losing money unnecessarily through preventable loss and theft. Contact our team to learn more about our RFID tracking systems today!