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Barcode ITAM Solution

The Problem with Spreadsheets

Many companies today are still managing and tracking their IT assets through spreadsheets even when the number of assets has increased as well as the need to track more asset details. When the needs increase, many companies find that tracking in spreadsheets becomes unwieldy. Manual entry is prone to error, and when multiple people contribute to a spreadsheet, different version histories can pose challenges of maintaining current updated information. We have helped many companies graduate beyond spreadsheets, and for those that want to take the first step past spreadsheets, many choose a barcode IT asset management solution.

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The Barcode Solution

Barcoding your IT assets is a popular solution as a low-cost improvement beyond spreadsheets. It’s also an easy solution – just print barcodes and apply them on your assets. But where will this data be stored? Asset Vue’s core software, Asset Vue Inventory (AVI), is a cloud-based web application that becomes your central database to track and manage your assets. We at Asset Vue built a solution that is just as easy and unobtrusive to your current operations as you implement our solution. AVI is very flexible too. Whether you already have barcodes, need to get new barcodes, or need us to suggest barcodes; AVI can handle it. The same thing is true for barcode scanners; whether you have existing scanners, need new ones, or need us to advise; AVI is built to easily handle either option for you. Plus if you use our mobile app, Asset Vue Mobile, the camera on your mobile device can be your barcode scanner; eliminating the need to buy new scanners. Lastly while we have been focusing on IT assets, Asset Vue Inventory can manage non-IT assets as well; if an asset is tagged with a barcode, we can track it. Below are some of the key features of Asset Vue Inventory.

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Key Features of Asset Vue Inventory

Yes, our application has the features you’d expect like check in/out, add, and move; but it has so much more. We have Role Based Security which allows administrators to assign access levels to specific users. Have items like P/O’s or warranty info. you want to attach? We also have an attachment capability at the asset level. We also make integrations simple. Integrations with other departments like helpdesk and finance make the entire enterprise more efficient through sharing consistent data.

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Value for the Long Term

You might be considering a barcode solution now; at some point in the future you may want to implement an RFID solution and perhaps a fully automated solution. Asset Vue Inventory is also flexible in this regard and scales as you grow. AVI handles both RFID and barcode tracking - in fact when we provide RFID tags, we provide RFID tags that have an accompanying barcode. Asset Vue is perfect for your current needs and will be able to support you as your needs grow.

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Asset Vue, LLC is a Paoli, Pennsylvania-based provider of RFID-enabled asset management solutions. With decades of experience as data centers directors, Asset Vue’s leadership knows the features asset management departments need, and our solutions are built through the lens of “For IT professionals, by IT professionals”. Our technology and solutions solve the challenge of maintaining asset and inventory information, continually keeping it up to date, and doing so throughout the entire asset lifecycle. Asset Vue has worked across industries and executed for companies of all sizes including small and medium-sized businesses, colleges and universities, federal agencies and municipalities, and Fortune 100 companies across multiple continents. With easy integrations, quick training, and rapid implementations, Asset Vue can have you operational and realize positive ROI quickly.

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