Locate and Control the Zombies in Your Data Center

Locate and Control the Zombies in Your Data Center

Asset Vue Webinar Details How RFID Asset Management Help Reduce Data Center Audit Times, Improve Inventory Accuracy, Locate Zombie Servers and More; Thursday, October 24, 2013, 2 PM ET

October is usually an intentionally spooky month. But one place where surprises aren’t appreciated is in the data center where data center managers can be forced into a game of trick or treat with enterprise assets that may have become forgotten or misplaced. To help data center managers and other IT professionals learn how RFID can help them improve the efficiency of their data center audits, Asset Vue, a provider of RFID based asset management and data center management solutions, is hosting a webinar featuring industry expert by Richard Werner, president of RC Werner & Associates. Werner will address Data Center Asset Management, Value and Advantages of Passive RFID on Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 2 PM ET. Data center managers are encouraged to visit https://assetvue.com/contact-us to register for this complementary webinar. In addition, the company has detailed below the Top 5 Questions to Answer about a IT Asset Management (ITAM) Solution.

Data Center Asset Management is a critical component of a comprehensive data center audit and a mobile RFID solution can improve results while reducing errors and costs,” says Sean Cotter, president of Asset Vue. “We are pleased to host Richard as he discusses the value and advantages of this approach.”

Werner has enjoyed a very successful career with more than four decades of experience in the field of data center management. He has brought his experience and expertise to some of the most significant companies in the banking and communications fields, such as AT&T, WorldCom, Equinix, JP Morgan Chase and Comcast Cable. Today, Werner provides private consulting support to the data center industry.

Top 5 Questions to Answer about a IT Asset Management (ITAM) for data centers Solution

Data center managers and other IT professionals have five questions to answer when considering whether a ITAM solution is right for their environment, according to Cotter and Werner. They recommend considering the responses to these questions as a way to gauge the success of a data center audit and/or migration using a particular ITAM solution.

  1. What are we doing today? Will the new solution improve the time, accuracy and use of resources to complete an audit?
  2. Is our data accurate? Can the new ITAM solution improve the accuracy and thereby provide for improved operations?
  3. Are we in compliance? Will the new solution help us improve our compliance with industry standards and government regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley?
  4. Are audits taxing our resources? Can the new ITAM solution decrease the time and money spent on data center audits allowing you to quickly deploy your staff on higher-value tasks?
  5. Relocation or co-location? Are you migrating your data center to another facility? Either a relocation or a co-location requires proper asset audits before and after the move.

Data center managers can visit https://assetvue.com/contact-us to register for the complementary webinar.

About Asset Vue Inventory 2.0

The Asset Vue Inventory 2.0 IT Asset Management (ITAM) Solution includes all the hardware and software required to monitor data center assets throughout an organization’s facilities. The solution includes both fixed and handheld data capture with read ranges from inches to feet to make locating assets fast and accurate. This new release in the suite of Asset Vue solutions is a completely web-based architecture which allows for even faster deployments, extensibility to environments of any size, and offers the opportunity for a cloud-based solution. The application is based on a parent child relationship with graphical representations of your assets in a full elevation format.

About Asset Vue

Asset Vue, LLC is a Bristol, PA-based provider of RFID based asset management and data center management solutions. The company offers technology designed to solve the kinds of regular challenges faced by “data center people” in their daily roles and their strategic responsibilities that is not found in other tools. The passive-RFID solution represents the culmination of living and working through the daily challenges faced by data center management and leadership across the industry. The company’s executive leadership and product development staff bring vast, direct experience from the world of data center operations, where they have worked with some of the world’s most complex and most high-profile data center operations. For additional information, please visit www.assetvue.com