How Many Tools do you need to manage a Data Center?

How Many Tools do you need to manage a Data Center?

To determine how many tools you need to manage your data center, you must first answer the questions below.

  • What are the problems that need to be solved today?
  • What are the problems that you’d like to solve in the future
  • Are my current tools meeting their objectives?
  • Will another tool compliment what I have in place?
  • Am I using the full capabilities of the tools I already have?

First and foremost, you want to make sure you purchase a solution(s) that solves your immediate Data Center Management needs today.  You can always purchase additional products down the road that meet the needs of additional wants/needs that may occur.  You will always have the ability to scale and grow, as needed, without the fear of overcommitting yourself to an overload of solutions that may sit on the shelf, without having a real use for them.

When purchasing new tools, be sure they don’t duplicate what is in place today.  Most tools on the market today tend to overlap in their abilities to help manage your data center, so be sure you understand the full value of the tools you have before investing in additional software that may accomplish the same tasks.

At minimum, you want to make sure you have a way to manage your data center assets.  There are many ITAM solutions on the market today specifically built to manage your data center assets, but most DCIM solutions are missing the ITAM component. Other features that may be important to managing your data center include workflow/change management, power/cooling management, and capacity management.

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