Ghost Servers Cost Money

Ghost Servers Cost Money

Over the past several years, we have had many approaches to try to achieve savings on utility consumption such as controlling HVAC distribution and settings, containment solutions, blanking plates and more.

These are all good practices to follow and are helping to cut costs, but did you know that “ghost” servers could account for up to a 40% increase on data center power consumption?

Know your assets

Adopting some of today’s best practices and knowing your assets can put you on the way generate additional savings, but perhaps more importantly, allow you to maintaining even greater control over your data environment.

In one such case, a customer Asset Vue worked with saved approximately 75 kw annually simply by identifying and removing ghost servers. These servers had been abandoned over time, replaced with newer equipment, because the corporation didn’t have a system in place to tracking and monitoring all its assets. As a result of implementing this system, this customer enjoyed a real savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Another common occurrence is companies that lose control of their asset information and this affects such things as maintenance contracts for assets no longer in service. This costs corporations to needlessly pay in the millions of dollars for maintenance.

Knowing what servers are active and thereby being able to manage the utilization of the hardware can save corporations huge amounts of money and allow them to redirect the savings into other important business initiatives.

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