End of Fiscal Year ITAM Business Decisions

End of Fiscal Year ITAM Business Decisions

We hope everyone had a great Labor Day. Labor Day has always been a milestone day in the year. It’s known as the unofficial end of summer, it’s when recently-started school years get into full swing, when our closets bring out the warmer clothing, and it’s early football season at the high school, collegiate, and professional ranks. Labor Day is a milestone in business as well. Many return from the long weekend to look at remaining budgets to see what’s available to spend before the end of the year.

For many IT departments there may be a singular product that’s a favorite to purchase. These could be servers, disk drives, laptops, monitors, etc. It’s always interesting to learn why a department favors a specific asset. Whatever the reason may be, or what the product may be; proper asset management can help departments make intelligent purchasing decisions. Asset management software and process can inform you of inventory levels of your critical assets to see which need to be resupplied for the coming year. ITAM tools and processes can also give you insight into which deployed assets have reached their anticipated length of service and therefore let you know when you need to do a tech refresh.

We’ve seen another approach companies take when addressing their remaining budget for the year. As departments plan to make operations more efficient for the coming year, they see where they can get an early start. The goal of efficiency usually leads to a decision to automate, and getting an early start of implementing automation means you can maximize operations for the coming year.

Year after year, we at Asset Vue have seen both scenarios play out and we have been able to help companies with their year-end needs. For those buying additional equipment, we have help them properly inventory, track, and manage those assets. For those looking for automation, we have been able to implement a solution by year’s end. On average, it takes us one week to get a data center up and running, and it typically takes just one hour to train staff how to use our software.

We are happy to discuss your business needs and go through our demo. For qualified companies, we will provide a free process evaluation. Using the button below that will take you to our scheduling page, feel free to book time with us that fits your schedule. Thank you very much and we look forward to working with you!