We are excited to announce new features and functionality available to our customers as part of our Q1 Asset Vue Inventory product upgrade, going live this week. Almost all of the features we built to include in this launch came from feature requests or suggestions made by current Asset Vue Inventory users. Thank you all for your input – you’ve been heard loud and clear and we’re proud to bring even more helpful functionality to our customers with this update.

And if you are an Asset Vue Inventory user and have a feature request or suggestion for our team, we’d love to hear from you! We read and respond to every submission on our contact form; fill it out here with your thoughts and feedback.

This quarter, we are pleased to announce a few key new features coming to our asset management software:

  1. Upgraded action panel: new functionality for the action panel allows users to move within the system multiple assets at once from one location to another with one command, as well as update the status of multiple assets at one time. And, in response to user requests, we’ve also now made it possible for users to customize their action panels. A user can define their own types of changes they would want to make to multiple assets at once.
  2. Dynamic detection and adding of assetsDynamic_detectionWith this new functionality, when scanning a tag from an asset that is not yet logged in the system, the system will automatically create a placeholder make and model information for easy updating. This eliminates a step in the procurement process of manually entering asset information in the system in addition to tagging and then scanning that asset upon arrival.
  3. Map visualization: This new feature gives Asset Vue Inventory users a map view of assets for their  entire organization, and allows them to Map_visualizationzoom in to specific locations down to a building view. No matter what assets Asset Vue Inventory customers want to track, or how many locations those assets might be dispersed between, they will be able to monitor and track them at the global level,  as well as a location-specific level with just a few clicks.
  4. Asset Vue Lite: Also as part of this release, we’ll be launching a new version of our flagship software product with stripped down functionality. Asset Vue Light is an ideal product for smaller organizations, or internal divisions, that are looking for a robust system to handle specific tasks, such as printing tags and tracking locations. Asset Vue Light will provide these customers with a simpler user experience with the same level of accuracy and flexibility.
  5. Enhanced temperature sensing: We are continuing to improve this functionality of our tags, which allows users to log temperature and humidity data in the environment around a tagged asset at each tag reading, and log that historical data in the system. With this product upgrade, we’ve made some enhancements to this functionality based on feedback from users.