Computer Inventory Software

Optimize your IT asset management with AssetVue, a Computer Inventory Software designed for efficient tracking and management of computer resources. 

What is Computer Inventory Software

Our Computer Inventory Software is designed to manage all aspects of computer assets within your organization. It simplifies the process of tracking hardware and software, ensuring accurate and up-to-date inventory records. The software supports efficient asset allocation, licensing management, and maintenance scheduling. With features like automated scanning, detailed reporting, and customizable alerts, it’s an indispensable tool for IT administrators to maximize asset utilization, reduce costs, and ensure compliance.

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Features of Computer Inventory Software

  • Hardware and Software Tracking

  • Automated Asset Scanning

  • License Management

  • Maintenance Scheduling

Highlights of Computer Inventory Software

  1. Tracks both hardware and software assets, providing a complete overview of IT resources.
  2. Performs automated scans of the network to keep inventory records current and accurate.
  3. Manages software licenses to ensure compliance and avoid over- or under-licensing.
  4. Schedules regular maintenance and updates, aiding in asset longevity and performance.
  5. Sends customizable alerts for important inventory events or changes.
  6. Generates detailed reports for analysis of asset distribution, usage, and lifecycle.

Key Features of Computer Inventory Software

  • Comprehensive Asset Database
  • Real-Time Inventory Monitoring
  • Software Compliance Audits
  • Preventive Maintenance Alerts
  • Asset Utilization Analysis
  • Secure Data Management

How to use Computer Inventory Software

  1. Hardware Inventory Tracking
    • Track and manage all hardware components, including computers, peripherals, and related equipment, in the ‘Hardware Inventory’ module. Record details like specifications, purchase dates, and warranty information.
  2. Software License Management
    • Manage software licenses, installations, and renewals in the ‘Software Management’ section. Ensure compliance with licensing agreements and avoid overuse.
  3. Asset Lifecycle Management
    • Monitor the entire lifecycle of computer assets from procurement to retirement in the ‘Asset Lifecycle’ module. Plan for upgrades and replacements efficiently.
  4. Maintenance and Service Tracking
    • Schedule and track maintenance activities and service histories for computer equipment in the ‘Maintenance Tracking’ section. Manage service contracts and vendor relationships.
  5. Usage and Performance Monitoring
    • Monitor the usage patterns and performance of computer assets in the ‘Performance Monitoring’ module. Identify underutilized resources and optimization opportunities.
  6. Inventory Audits and Reporting
    • Conduct regular inventory audits and generate detailed reports on asset status and inventory levels in the ‘Reporting’ section.
  7. Security and Compliance
    • Ensure security of computer assets and compliance with IT policies in the ‘Security and Compliance’ module. Manage access controls and data privacy.
  8. Integration with ITSM and Helpdesk
    • Seamlessly integrate with IT Service Management (ITSM) and helpdesk systems in the ‘Integration’ section. Facilitate cohesive IT operations and support.
  9. Customizable Alerts and Notifications
    • Set up customizable alerts for low inventory levels, expiring warranties, or upcoming maintenance in the ‘Alerts’ feature. Stay proactive in asset management.

What is Next?

Get help customizing your Computer Inventory Software: Request a demo and we’ll install this application to your trial AssetVue account.