Barcodes and Passive RFID: How Do They Stack Up

Barcodes and Passive RFID: How Do They Stack Up

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Data centers have multiple assets in the field that they need to track at a given time. With so many employees taking custody of IT devices and taking them out for their use, it can be a challenge to accurately track and manage your sprawling inventory. That’s where barcodes and asset management tools can make a difference in ensuring every device is accounted for at the end of the day. 

Over the years, various barcode and asset discovery tools were utilized to keep an eye on these devices. However, the passive nature of this technology could make keeping accurate records more difficult, and you couldn’t get up-to-date readings on where the item currently is located. Can a passive RFID system provide better overall results for your asset tracking system?

The Case for Barcodes

Barcode systems work by placing a stamp on each IT device you check out with employees and scanning them when they get taken out. Every time the code gets scanned, your system receives an update on when it was taken out and can keep track of thousands of devices across multiple servers. Keeping track of your inventory becomes a matter of keeping your records current and scanning the barcode every time a device changes hands. 

When these systems get implemented effectively, you can keep replacement costs down and hold specific employees accountable if they misplace a device. However, tracking real-time locations of the IT devices in the field is more difficult with a barcode system. You know that someone took it out, but you aren’t sure of the exact location. Additionally, if you want to take a full inventory, you need an employee to go around and individually scan every barcode. 

The Case for Passive RFID Solutions

Knowing where your devices are at any moment can provide IT professionals with the data they need to ensure they get every device back that leaves their inventory. Passive RFID sends real-time data to your team, letting them know where they are in the field and at the room level. These data points can get down to a more granular level, with information regarding their precise row and which specific rack you can find them. You’ll receive everything you need to keep your inventory as accurate as possible. 

Real-Time Updates

With Asset Vue’s Real-Time Rack system, you’ll have access to a wide range of critical data points that help give you the fullest picture possible of your IT devices in-house and in the field. Information regarding its last service, check-out, expiring warranties, current location, and historical movement data will grant your team the ability to assess your connected items and know who to ask about any missing equipment. 

Scalable Asset Tracking Software

When your company is continually growing and expanding, you’ll most likely have an influx of new technology coming in that allows your employees to do their job, but tracking the new technology can prove challenging. With RFID tracking software and solutions, you can keep an accurate record of your newest technology and who recently took it out. As your company grows, so will your asset tracking capabilities thanks to the RFID technology. 

Find Reliable Asset Tracking Solutions With Asset Vue

When you need to upgrade your asset tracking technology, you want to partner with a company that has pushed the RFID asset tracking solutions forward. For countless industries and data centers, Asset Vue has helped our customers revitalize their tracking systems. We specialize in helping our customers keep their IT inventories as complete and accurate as possible. 

If you are interested in implementing one of our ITAM inventory solutions, please contact us today.