Reasons You Need a Real-Time RFID Asset Tracking System

When businesses give their team members company equipment to perform their jobs, ten times out of ten, the company wants their equipment returned. Depending on the size of your organization, keeping track of a high number of assets like that can prove a daunting task for even the most organized department. As your company continues […]

RFID vs. Barcode

So what’s the difference between the two data collection tagging technologies? While RFID and barcodes differ across many areas, they both have a common goal:  automate the process of managing assets.   RFID tags have many advantages over barcodes; however they have not completely replaced that technology. RFID tags do not require a line of sight, […]

Passive vs. Active RFID Tags

Passive and Active RFID tags are different technologies that are often evaluated together.  Both RFID tags use Radio Frequency (RF) energy to communicate between the tag and readers. Active RFID tags use an internal power source (battery) to continuously power the tag.  Their lifespan is determined by the power of the battery, once the battery […]

How to Solve Your Data Center Audit Problems with RFID Tracking

Keeping track of assets is one of the biggest challenges in today’s data centers as they are an ever increasing number of assets inhabiting the data center and the need to track valuable assets is very time consuming and resource intensive effort. Even with ongoing validation of information most are left with information that is […]

What is the real cost of “Ghost servers”?

Our associates were involved with a major data center build and migration for a Fortune 500 customer in the Midwest.  The old data center had been in operation for over 20 years and was inadequate to our customer’s needs for the usual reasons, primarily that the support infrastructure was worn out and obsolete. We were […]

7 Must Do’s for Effectively Managing Your Data Center Assets

1)    Plan to use fresh inventory data.  Sounds simple, but we many struggle trying to use “good enough” data. 2)    Test your inventory data.  More than 90% of customers think their information is correct when it really isn’t. 3)    Plan to hire “Smart hands” that have experience with data center audits.  The # 1 reason […]

When is a good time to consider new DCIM tools?

We should always be evaluating the tools we use and their effectiveness in our environment, as well as maintain an understanding of new tools that become available on the market and their capabilities. The data center continues to evolve as a lifeline for any corporation and is a very costly enterprise which is even more […]

Where are your Data Center Assets?

Where are your Data Center Assets? In a world of ever changing technology, critical data center asset management is often put off due to time constraints and conflicting tasks, until an audit is required putting the data center managers in a challenged position.  The everyday moves, adds, changes, and decommissions in a data center are […]

Excited to have joined Asset Vue…

Dear Colleague, I am very excited to share with you that I have joined Asset Vue as Executive Vice President with responsibility for Sales. Over the past five years, I have been involved in the rapidly evolving DCIM market. My specific areas of expertise are data center power and cooling. In my opinion, there are […]

Do I Need a DCIM Solution?

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is a powerful tool you can implement in your data center to help you better manage all aspects of your data center.   But why do you need one? DCIM solutions can answer all these important questions below. Asset Management What assets do I have in my data center? How are […]