White Paper Compares High Costs of Manual IT Asset Management to Passive RFID IT Asset Management for Eye Opening Savings; Four Cost Points to Consider in a Data Center Audit

Every data center conducts some type of regular audit. But IT professionals and data center managers may not be aware of the high – and often hidden – costs associated with their manual audits.

Experts from Asset Vue, a provider of RFID based asset management and data center management solutions, have developed an eye-opening white paper that compares the high costs associated with manual IT asset management  with the savings – and higher-quality results – provided by passive RFID-based IT asset management.

IT professionals, data center managers and line of business executives are encouraged to download a complimentary copy of the white paper, IT Asset Management: By the Numbers from http://bit.ly/av-roi

Four Cost Points to Consider in a Data Center Audit

To best determine the ROI of an ITAM solution, it’s important to note the already high costs of a manual or legacy solution. There are four key areas to consider that can affect the outcome and cost of a data center audit:

  1. Initial Data Collection – The cost for manual data center audits can be high, even for “readily available” data, which includes equipment manufacturer, model, serial number, name, and location.
  2. Data Accuracy – A hidden cost here is the unreliable rate of manual data collection, often between 85-90 percent. This affects the audit and can often result in re-audits.
  3. Tracking Changes – A large percentage of data center outages, unauthorized changes and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) data center assets comes from the inability to properly record and track changes manually in the data center – leading to higher audit costs.
  4. Repeat Data Audits – There is a similar cost and effort involved with repeated manual data audits (such as semi-annual or on-demand audits) as with initial data collection efforts.

“When properly implemented in the data center, ITAM tools can help to increase inventory accuracy and reduce the time and manpower required for inventory and audit processes,” said John Consoli, Executive Vice President for Asset Vue. “Our white paper provides an eye-opening look at IT Asset Management by the numbers and how IT professionals can improve the return on investment of data center audits through the ITAM solutions they choose.”

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