Asset Vue Selected by Federal Agency to Improve Data Center Audits

Asset Vue Selected by Federal Agency to Improve Data Center Audits

Government Group Looks to Passive RFID IT Asset Management Solutions Company to Provide IT Infrastructure Tracking for Greater Accuracy, Control, Security

Asset Vue, a provider of RFID-based asset management and data center management solutions, has been selected by a large federal agency to provide its passive RFID IT asset management solution for use in the agency’s multiple data center locations as a cost-effective, accurate and secure method for conducting critical data center audits of its IT assets. The forward-thinking move will aid the agency as it consolidates its data center locations to save money and increase control over its facilities.

The agency selected Asset Vue’s passive RFID solution for its ability to secure and track IT hardware assets, providing real-time asset tracking as tagged assets enter or leave the agency’s data center facilities while also updating its asset inventory database.  The Asset Vue solution also automates the manual task of conducting computer room asset inventory audits.

This federal agency is also taking proactive action to ward off a large trend recently reported by Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) in its study, “America’s Data Centers Consuming Massive and Growing Amounts of Electricity” identifying how massive amounts of energy are used in data centers in the United States and specifically discussing the need for tighter controls on dormant servers. The study points out that nearly 40 percent of all data center energy usage is wasted when data center teams lose track of physical server locations and running applications.

Asset Vue works with data center managers to tag and track energy-draining assets before they go “missing”.  Asset Vue’s systems automate the inventory and audit process,  greatly increases the odds that the inventory will be kept current and up-to-date, while also reducing the cost of IT audits; most Asset Vue clients seen a return on the investment in the software and new system in less than 12 months.

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