Asset Vue Announces Inventory Release 2.13

Asset Vue Announces Inventory Release 2.13

The team at Asset Vue is pleased to announce our February product update: two weeks ago, we pushed live Asset Vue Inventory Release 2.13, which includes user interface improvements to reduce manual tasks and streamline your asset management process, as well as providing our customers increased control over user permissions.

Our goal every day is to build software and solutions for asset managers that make the complicated responsibilities of inventorying, tracking, and managing data center assets as automated as possible and, where manual work is required, as user-friendly and simple to use as possible.

Security, of course, is always our top priority, which is why this update includes a new, secure way for individual users to reset passwords, rather than going through an admin as needed.

This update also added new automation to the workflow function for not only real-time tracking, but also real-time updates of asset locations and statuses.

Furthermore, inventory users can now add assets from within the rack and do so more easily with visual rack elevation. Users can also clone a single asset or a full rack of assets, use the new Action Panel for mass updates of asset metadata, and leverage an update to the system “Refresh” function that allows the Action Panel to stay open longer while they work.

This update also includes a new way to quickly verify all assets, including improved error message coding with more details so users can more quickly find, diagnose, and resolve issues.

Additional ease-of-use improvements include the ability to have both Admin-managed and User-managed “Views” in the asset Search screen, and the addition of RTR (Real Time Track) automatically selects and assigns a rack for an asset once the asset is discovered in the rack by the system.

This update also added improved importing functionality that makes it easier for users to export and import asset data.

We are proud of this important update to our platform and know it will go a long way in making the day-to-day tasks of our users easier. To be the first to know about future product update announcements, subscribe to our blog and get notifications like this in your inbox.