Asset Management – Scale as You Grow

Asset Management – Scale as You Grow

Departments across the country are forming strategies for how their asset management process needs to change when business returns to normal. Common challenges are, “What to do when everyone comes back, what to do if everyone is distributed, should we automate, how can we do with ever-tightening budgets?” We know that last question is going to be key for most departments. Regardless of the size of your budget or limited capabilities of your current tools to manage your asset lifecycle, Asset Vue has a solution to fit your needs and budget.

The ability to manage assets has many levels from entry level database and tools standardization to a fully automated asset lifecycle solution. We will tailor a solution that matches your level and our solutions scale as you grow without needing to make any major changes to the application or replace your current hardware. In fact, many of our clients did just that and have found it to be very easy and cost effective when the time was right to build upon their current platform.

For those still forming their strategy, here is a process that we have seen work.

  • Start with the basics and establish standards for terminology, technology and tools.
  • Then evaluate your need versus the tools available on the market.
  • Understand the ability of those tools to satisfy your problem and if those tools can scale as you grow because these tools are often a significant investment. You want to ensure that what you purchase is the right choice for long term value.
  • Once you’ve standardized the aforementioned items, decide where you want to start based on budget and volume needs.

Customers who want to cost-effectively advance past manual processes tend to progress to a barcode scanning asset management solution. As your volume and traffic increases you then have the RFID option, along with the ability to add portals for tracking movement between rooms and buildings. When you are putting these tools together, you are on your way to an automated asset management solution.

We at Asset Vue will apply the best practices of our decades worth of experience managing data centers to tailor a solution that fits your budget and volume needs. You’ll discover that our tools were built with flexibility and will scale as your business grows. Should you need a solution to integrate with other vendors, we’ll make sure that your asset management tools are talking with other critical tools that house asset related information to provide you consistent information across platforms. Our goal is to ensure you have advanced to a very efficient process that saves you time and money.

In addition to creating a solution that fits your budget, we will get you up and running quickly. As companies are developing return-to-office timelines, we can get you up and running before staff returns. Typically, our installs take days and the training for our software takes just an hour. Contact us today and we’ll provide a free evaluation of your current process.