Asset Management Problem Solving

Asset Management Problem Solving

One of the most encouraging pieces of feedback we receive from our users is that our teams work hard to develop customized asset management solutions specifically to meet their needs and challenges. We don’t try to sell a one-size fits all software to the wide variety of organizations we work with – from data centers or IT departments to corporate purchasing or procurement divisions.

Asset Management Problem Solving (1)We work well with organizations and departments who have tried to implement asset tracking systems in the past and been let down with the results. We are experts at figuring out what went wrong with the implementation and adaptation of the technology as well as the processes for using it. We develop a plan to make sure our users get the right software and the right processes in place so the challenges they are dealing with get solved.

This was exactly the approach we took when taking on a huge challenge with one of our technology partners, Impinj. vXchnge, a national colocation provider with data centers located across the US, needed to know – in real time – the location and status of any of their customers’ servers. Providing that information to their customers was an additional service their customers had requested and would be a key differentiator in for vXchnge among its competitors. But more than that, it was also simply necessary in this day and age to achieve the level of security and compliance for which they were known.

Rolling out a system to do so consistently across so many disparate locations is a challenge in and of itself. However, in addition to solving for that, vXchnge also needed this solution to be deployed at a price point per unit or per location that worked for their pricing structure and was in line with their competitive landscape and customers’ expectations.

As you know, any challenge can be solved if the budget is unlimited. Even with those constraints, however, the Asset Vue and Impinj teams were able to develop a suite of hardware, software, and processes that together solved for vXchnge’s unique challenges – with some incredible results.

You can learn more about exactly what solutions we deployed and what those results looked like by watching a recording of a webinar with myself, Wendy Werblin, Director, Industry Solutions at Impinj, and Tom Banta, Senior VP Product Management & Development at vXchnge. Submit the form on this page to access the recording:

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