Asset Lifecycle Management Beyond IT

Asset Lifecycle Management Beyond IT

Our clients in the data center world are very familiar with asset lifecycle management, but the fact is any purchasing department in any organization can benefit from having a better understanding of where in its lifecycle an asset they rely on for work to get done.

What kind of assets are we talking about? Computers, servers, and other IT hardware of course, but also office chairs, desks, routers and networking equipment that keep workers connected through an office building. Assets like conference rooms and the hardware inside them – projectors, phone systems, etc.

The first priority for purchasing departments and corporate IT teams is tracking the most expensive and critical hardware RFID asset management software is vital for making sure laptops are not taken from where they are kept without prior approval, for example, and that warranties are tracked and managed for mission-critical technology to avoid as much unplanned downtime as possible.

Improvements in RAIN RFID tech can yield more productivity gains for any business

However, any phone or networking hardware, projection equipment, and even any office furniture that is not working or is missing can be a huge drain on productivity. When hardware asset management is the bottleneck your workers don’t have the tools they need to get their jobs done, everything slows down.

Do you know when the last time some of that equipment was replaced? Serviced? Is any of it still under warranty? If it broke today, do you know how you would find that out or go about sourcing a replacement?

Those questions do not have to be challenging or impossible for your purchasing teams to answer.

As RFID technology has improved, there are whole new applications opening up to put more data in your purchasing and asset management processes than ever before. Today, it can be cost effective to use passive RFID tags, for example, to tag assets with relevant data – like warranty expiration dates – that can be accessed easily

Instead of your employees needing to know what equipment works and doesn’t work in which room, office managers as part of a scheduled routine and check equipment and even get notified when a warranty is expiring and order equipment ahead of a breakdown.

Asset Management is not just for data centers

Our clients are frequently surprised at the innovative ways our system can leverage RFID technology to put more data, knowledge, and power in the hands of asset managers and purchasing teams than ever before.

The best way to assess if this sort of solution could help your organization – or to uncover surprising potential benefits of using an RFID asset management solution for your team – is to bring in the experts from Asset Vue for a proof-of-concept consultation. You can learn more about our process, and request a proof of concept from our engineers, here.

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