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About Asset Vue

Why We Started Asset Vue

Asset Vue was founded in 2010 by former data center professionals Gary Aron and Sean Cotter. After decades of cumulative experience in the largest data centers in the world (Verizon, Comcast, JPMorgan Chase), they knew the tools being used needed to improve. Gary and Sean set out to invent modern tools and solutions for the modern data center manager.

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What We Have Done

In order to deliver for our clients, below are some of the modern solutions we needed to invent to properly build tailored solutions our clients needed.

  • We developed a real-time reporting solution using passive RFID tags creating a solution once-thought to be reserved for active RFID, but at the much lower passive RFID price.

  • We have created innovative passive RFID solutions to improve read ranges that a degree that nearly match active RFID capabilities.

  • We have worked with our vendors in developing temperature-sensing passive RFID tags.

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    Who We Are

    Gary Aron

    Founding Partner

    Gary Aron has been a successful leader in some of the largest corporations in North America.Starting his career at Bell Atlantic/Verizon, then moved onto a leadership role of It organizations at JPMorgan Chase and Comcast where his teams were recognized as leaders in the industry. Over the years Mr. Aron’s teams have designed, built, and operated some of the largest data centers in the world and were instrumental in developing many industry best practices.

    Gary sits on the Delaware Valley 7X24 Exchange board, and co-chairs the Delaware Valley Data Center Users Group.

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    Sean Cotter

    Managing Partner

    With 21 years of business development, IT leadership and entrepreneurship, Sean is responsible for the strategic direction of Asset Vue and the general management of the Asset Vue team. Sean has served on the board of directors for Title Alliance Holdings a regional title insurance firm and served as a liaison for the technology transition team upon their acquisition by First American and the CIO Advisory board for PACT. Sean is the founding member of the Greater Philadelphia Qlikview Users Group and the Delaware Valley Data Center Users Forum.

    Sean is also an active member in the local 7X24 Exchange, AFCOM, and the CIO Roundtable group of GPSEG (Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group).

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    Asset Vue, LLC is a Paoli, Pennsylvania-based provider of RFID-enabled asset management solutions. With decades of experience as data centers directors, Asset Vue’s leadership knows the features asset management departments need, and our solutions are built through the lens of “For IT professionals, by IT professionals”. Our technology and solutions solve the challenge of maintaining asset and inventory information, continually keeping it up to date, and doing so throughout the entire asset lifecycle. Asset Vue has worked across industries and executed for companies of all sizes including small and medium-sized businesses, colleges and universities, federal agencies and municipalities, and Fortune 100 companies across multiple continents. With easy integrations, quick training, and rapid implementations, Asset Vue can have you operational and realize positive ROI quickly.

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