Is there a better way than manually handwriting notes in spreadsheets or on sticky notes on your clipboard to track your data center assets?  Yes, absolutely.  IT Asset Management (ITAM) tools are available to help you speed up the process of managing your IT assets.  The days of clipboards and losing sticky notes are over for your data center.

Although most ITAM solutions still involve a great deal of human interaction, their technology makes your efforts much easier.  You will no longer have to trace your finger through a hand-drawn diagram to route your network and power connections.  You will not have to worry about arbitrarily copying information from one spreadsheet to another.

ITAM solutions are made to simply asset management in the data center.  They track each move, add, change, and decommission in your data center.  They can document your power and network connections.  They track all functional information about your assets, including Rack location, manufacturer, model, RU, dimensions of the device, parent/child relationships, serial numbers, asset numbers, and barcode information.