Often times Data Center Relocations can be quite an overwhelming task.  We have developed a list of 3 important steps that should assist in maintaining an accurate record of your assets for the before, during, and after phases of your Data Center Relocation.

DC Relococation

3 Steps to a Successful Data Center Relocation

  1. Capture

Prior to relocating your data center assets, you want to make sure you’ve captured each asset in a detailed inventory.  Taking time to thoroughly document all of your assets gives you a baseline for what equipment you have on hand and helps protect your investment.  This will also give you an inventory list to compare to once your relocation has been completed.

2.  Track

During the relocation process, you want to be sure you are tracking each data center asset.  This could include scanning a barcode or RFID tag to capture each movement that has taken place during the relocation.  By scanning data center assets, the technicians responsible for the relocation can update device status in real time.  This allows data center managers to monitor their assets whereabouts throughout the move.

3.  Confirm

Once your assets have been relocated and re-installed in their new locations, you want to go through a thorough audit process to ensure all the equipment you captured during Step 1 has ended up installed in its correct final destination.

During the confirmation step is also a great opportunity to implement a new ITAM or DCIM system to document your device moves, as well as all of your power and network connectivity during re-installation.  This allows the process to begin at point of implementation when the data center is much more clean and organized, rather than down the road when the records developed during installation typically get out of sync.

The success of your data center relocation depends highly on detailed planning and execution of your project.  It’s great practice to layout plausible scenarios and how you will address challenges that maybe be crossed during the move process.  Although the list we’ve created focuses mainly on asset management, there are many other important phases that go into data center relocation.  To learn more about our RFID  offerings, please contact us today.