DCIMs can bring major benefits to a Data Center Manager.  Those benefits include time savings, staff productivity, and overall cost-savings.  Data Centers have increased in size, density, and complexity over the years and managers needs easier solutions to improve their staff’s efficiency, extend life cycles of their physical assets, and most importantly ensure up-time.

Below is our list of 10 Benefits we think are important features of a DCIM:

  1. Instantaneous visual and textual information on data center assets
  2. Centralized data base enables accurate record keeping and process
  3. Quickly model and allocate space for new assets with capacity management
  4. Manage power and network connectivity in a single location
  5. Fully integrated workflow management with change management
  6. Constant power monitoring with alerts before circuits fail
  7. Quickly determine how much power is being consumed and how much is available
  8. Identification of environmental hot spots with thresholds and alerts
  9. Knowing whether you are over-cooling or wasting energy
  10. Intelligent PUE analytics and reporting to assist with management decision making

There are many great benefits of incorporating a DCIM solution into your data center. What benefits of your DCIM are most important to you?