RFID Inventory Management Solution

Asset Vue offers passive RFID, barcode and/or BLE technologies for a customizable asset management solution.

Asset Tracking Software 

Get the latest asset management tools that leverage RFID and barcode technology. 

Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

The more your business grows, the more it will rely on technology to keep track of your assets, data, and inventory.  

Get the latest set of hardware asset management tools that leverage RFID asset management software from our physical asset tracking company. Specifically designed to create the ideal solutions for your business, Asset Vue covers a wide range of organizations, big and small, with RFID fixed asset tracking. Our RFID asset management solutions are some of the best in the business, and you can protect your data by scheduling a call with Asset Vue today! We’ll break down what you need when you need it and the many other ways our RFID asset management system can benefit your organization. Give us a call today!

Asset Tracking Software

After investing in IT equipment, keeping track of these assets and managing the return on investment is essential. It’s too time-consuming and costly to manually conduct RFID asset tracking solutions, which is why we built RFID asset management software to automatically capture data in one location.

As a leading asset tracking company, we provide powerful tools that help you monitor your organization’s hardware — everything from computers and laptops to servers and networking equipment. With either barcode asset management or RFID asset management solutions, you can document and manage the lifecycle of your IT and non-IT assets from first use to retirement, allowing your company to make more sound IT equipment investments.

Asset Tracking Company

Boost your ITAM results by partnering with the best physical asset tracking company around. Our data center inventory software and RFID asset management software allow you to view, secure and manage your IT and non-IT assets from your service desk or mobile app. But how can you benefit from partnering with our IT asset management company and our comprehensive way of managing your data? Having your asset data in one convenient location allows you to:

  • Simplify Inventory Management and Auditing: Tag and track physical assets in your organization by scanning an RFID tag or barcode.
  • Modernize Monitoring Practices: Ditch inaccurate and time-consuming practices associated with asset tracking through spreadsheets or pen and paper and experience the speed of receiving real-time data through our RFID asset management system.
  • Reduce IT Costs: Minimize the number of team members required to count asset inventories, prevent errors during the inventory process, monitor hardware costs, and reduce IT compliance risk by utilizing innovative ITAM solutions and fixed asset RFID tracking.

Through our Asset Vue RFID asset tracking software and barcode IT asset management services, we can provide plenty of solutions for your organization. Read more to take a deeper look at how our RFID IT asset management can support you!

RFID Asset Tracking Solutions

When tracking high-value assets like servers, switches, and hard drives in your data center, you need robust systems like our RFID ITAM solutions. As a top IT asset tracking company in the US and beyond, we pride ourselves on developing comprehensive solutions that inform the user of the status and location of all their physical assets. With our fixed asset RFID tracking, it’s never been easier to prevent inventory inefficiencies, reduce the number of lost equipment, track assets across employees, and conduct accurate asset auditing.

Barcode Asset Management Solutions

Does your company need a cost-effective barcode asset management system for organizing and managing assets? In addition to RFID fixed asset tracking, our physical asset tracking company could provide the cost savings and security you desire. These solutions are ideal for tracking laptops, monitors, tablets, and phones in office settings, school districts, and everywhere in between. Ask us how our data center inventory software can incorporate barcode solutions for your team.

Smart Cabinet for Offline Media Assets

One of the most popular solutions provided by our IT asset management company is our Smart Cabinet, which holds and monitors decommissioned assets. This offline media storage system offers the following benefits:

  • Secured hard drives
  • Peace-of-mind storage
  • Real-time RFID-enabled tracking
RFID Inventory Management

Track Your Offline Media and Fixed Assets

Know in real-time the location of your decommissioned assets.

Asset Inventory and Tracking Software Coupled with Mobile App

Integrated with Asset Vue Inventory, our mobile app provides RFID fixed asset tracking in a flexible way. Using your mobile app, you can track your barcode or RFID asset management system at the push of a button. With a handheld RFID reader, your mobile device, and Asset Vue’s mobile app, you can manage critical assets whenever and wherever you’d like and be prepared to jump on additional RFID asset tracking solutions when needed.

Why Choose RFID Asset Management Software

IT asset management is a critical process and can result in costly mistakes if the utmost care isn’t taken. That’s why organizations should partner with companies like ours that provide quality RFID asset management software and barcode IT asset management services. One of the top companies in the IT industry, Asset Vue was founded by former RFID IT asset management practitioners, enabling us to create and build tools needed in the marketplace. We can tailor our fixed asset RFID tracking and barcode solutions to meet your specific needs, and you’re guaranteed to work with an IT asset tracking company that prides itself on staying up to date with emerging trends and techniques.

When you choose our barcode or RFID asset tracking software, you can expect these solutions to reduce inventory and auditing times and provide more accuracy. Don’t trust your physical assets to anything less. Contact Asset Vue today and get one step closer to RFID asset management solutions that reinvent the way you operate.

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Asset Vue expert teams can get any data center up and running on Asset Vue Inventory software in less than a week.



A recent project for multi-national cloud computing company was up and running in less than two months.



A global financial company had all of its data centers using Asset Vue tools by the end of the quarter, and was able to reap the benefits almost immediately.



It takes most users just under one hour to be fully trained on Asset Vue software application.


What Asset Management clients are saying...

"We have worked with Assetvue for 2 years now and have always had very professional interactions with them. Great staff and responsive to questions. We have had some problems with implementation however it wasn't through the fault of Assetvue and they have always been willing to help fix whatever issues we had."

    Scott B.

    “I have had first-hand experience in working with Asset Vue and the Asset Vue team. They consistently go the extra mile to ensure what was sold is delivered and there is the personal aspect of the delivery of information. I look forward to continuing to partner with Asset Vue and utilizing their product lines.”

      Gregg L.

      “Excellent Software for Inventory! This software changed the way we were doing inventory. A task that would literally take days has been cut down drastically. The color coding of the equipment helped to identify what is needed to reconcile the inventory.”

        Valarie C.

        “Overall experience with Asset Vue has been very positive. Outstanding installation, support and communication with everyone involved.”

          Noel B.

          "As the primary contact/interface for Asset Vue at one of Verizon's core IT data centers, I have had the privilege of working with the staff of Asset Vue. Their professionalism, attention to detail and response to client needs have been exemplary."

            Janet K.

            "Production depreciation date End of year asset location for tax Asset location in real time globally Cloud based solution Ease of scalability Date center centric team who understands the issues for the industry All on site staff have years of data center experience."

              Kevin M.

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